Fix/Repair Damaged MKV Video Files With Project Meteorite

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Fix/Repair Damaged MKV Video Files With Project Meteorite

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Now a days almost all types of video files such as movies, video songs are in .MKV format. This format is one of the best and flexible one. It's a open standard video file format. It has become the most preferred high quality video file format in very less time. The MKV container can include video, audio, and features such as alternate audio tracks, multilingual subtitles and chapter points, as well as rich metadata including cover art, ratings, descriptions and much more (Source : DivX). the main reason behind using this format is that it comes in compatible size means small size and offers high quality video experience. Most of the video up-loaders are using it because it takes less time in uploading than any other format and also maintains the quality.
But I have seen that people are experiencing problem with this format. Sometime they are getting corrupted or damaged files on downloading. Now you know very well that you can't play a corrupt or damage mkv format file on your player. So solve this problem software developers developed a project called Meteorite. Using this tool you can easily repair corrupted or damaged mkv video files.

What Is Meteorite Project?

It is a DivFix++ like tool but for Matroska/MKV files. Using this program you can repair your damaged or corrupted mkv video files. It can make your mkv video files compatible so that they can easily run on your favorite player. It is project to repair broken MKV streams. It will scan your mkv file and than remove all broken sections from it. After that it will join each frames together and thus you can watch your downloaded files. 

While sometime you can't watch files which are currently on download from p2p networks such as emule, torrent so to watch them and repair corrupted mkv files this project was developed. It is the best tool for mkv repair.

How To Repair MKV Video Files With Meteorite Project

You can easily fix mkv file with meteorite just follow the step by step process below.
  • First of all you will need this too, you can easily download it from here. It is open source software means you can use it for free. When the download is complete, install it on your laptop or PC. You can repair all kind of damage or corrupt mkv files easily.
  • Just open this app from your menu and drag your damaged mkv video file on it and it will be repaired automatically. This process will take some time to complete as there are some error. It will remove all those errors and join the sectors again. You can see the progress window in the program which will show you the estimated time.
  • Once the repairing is complete, it will show a message on screen something like your mkv file is repaired. Don't forget to take backup of your original video file as this tool will overwrite the original file when the process is completed. 
So it was all about how to fix corrupted mkv video files. Meteorite project is an awesome and easy to use app. It comes for all major platfrom such as Windows, Linux, Mac. 


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