25+ Stop Words To Avoid – SEO Stop Words

Some of my readers might not be aware about this SEO technique that is seo stop words. Even I was also not aware about this but as soon as I came across this I thought to write about it for my readers so that they can win the SEO war. Stop Words are very common words which are simply ignored by search engines because it increase their search speed. These words usage much disk space so to reduce it crawlers doesn’t give much importance to them which searching. They have either little or no keyword value. Words such as he, she, in, your are considered as stop words for SEO. You can defeat others by optimizing your SEO in this way. This is not a serious thing to consider in SEO but one must take care of it. 
SEO Stop Words

You might be aware about one thing that you are allowed to create a article title of up to 70 characters only not more than that. Search engine will read only 65-70 characters and will ignore others. These stop words uses space in your title and possess no value. So it is advised not to use them in your post title. 

But sometime you will need to add these words in your content so whenever you found the need of them then simply use them but beware ! don’t ever try to use them in your URL and title . It is always recommend not to use them in your article’s URL and title. Below is a comprehensive list of stop words.

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List Of Stop Words

  • what 
  • how
  • who
  • a
  • is
  • his
  • and
  • here
  • has
  • do
  • had
  • with
  • all
  • any
  • did
  • in
  • its
  • your
  • she
  • he
  • iam
  • be
  • at
  • for
  • this
  • that
  • but
  • was
  • will

Stop Words In URLs

If you want to rank higher in search results then just avoid stop words in URL. This way you can make search engine realize that you have some quality content. Just look at this URL 

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I have used stop words in this URL which will not give value to your article. You can check a perfect URL example below.


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