16 Latest Facebook Tips & Tricks

In today’s world there will be negligible people probably who don’t know about Facebook. Now a days even a child of 12 to 13 years old is using Facebook. We use Facebook for hours but still we don’t know much about FB. There are many features which one may want to use such as not letting others see you saw their message or checking out who all are online but are invisible and many more. There are many tricks and secrets available that you don’t know about Facebook probably. So today i am going to show you such types of Facebook tips and tricks which will help you a lot to be more popular on Facebook :p. Just check out below and enjoy.

Facebook Tips & Tricks
Facebook Tips & Tricks

1. How To Download Facebook Videos

You might have noted that you can simply watch videos on FB just like YouTube but you can’t download them. If you are facing problem in downloading Facebook videos or finding a simplest method to download them then just follow below steps!

  • Simply copy the URL of the video you want to download. 
  • Now go to http://www.downvids.net.
  • Just paste your URL on the above website, download the video and enjoy!!

2. How To Remove Facebook Advertisements

This is one of the problems which I face a lot on Facebook. No one likes those sticky ads on FB. If you are one of the users who don’t like ads then you can remove them simply using Fabulous extension. If you use Google Chrome then you can remove Facebook advertisements using Fabulous extension.
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3. How To Create Awesome Text Styles For Facebook

Some people are fond of cool and awesome looking text styles. So those users here is something for you also, using Webestools you can convert your text in cool and stylish fonts.

4. How To Customize Facebook Fonts And Colors

Fabulous extension for Google Chrome can be used to remove ads on FB as I mentioned above. But you can use it to customize your Facebook fonts and colors also. Just install it in your Google Chrome and customize your fonts as you want.

5. How To Send Large Files Up To 1GB On Facebook

Yes! I said it right; you can easily send large size files on Facebook. You can store them your files for some days so that one downloads them. Your friends can download these files through pipe App on Facebook. There is a time limit of 1 week mean within one week your fiends will need to download them.

6. How To Find Who Unfriended You On Facebook

This is a quiet interesting feature about Facebook. You can know about those users who unfriended you on Facebook easily using available apps. But the fact is that there are many apps available which claims to show the list of users who unfriended but trust me all are fake. I have used many apps on my own and found almost all the apps fake, scam. But don’t worry I have one app called unfriend alerts using it you can easily find who unfriended you on Facebook. This app will send you notifications whenever someone will remove you from his/her friend list.

7. How To Choose Custom Title And Description For Links

One can easily choose custom title and description for links that are posted on Facebook by clicking on them.

8. How To Disable Seen Option In Facebook Chat

We all know that whenever we send a message to someone Facebook if it is seen by that user then there will be written “seen at xx:xx AM/PM”. Sometime one wishes to disable that feature but can’t do anything because he can’t find a proper solution for it. Everyone knows how tricky this seen feature is. But now you can disable it by using FB unseen extension for Google Chrome. After installing it your friend will never know that you have seen their message.

9. How To Change Facebook Themes

If you are not happy with the color or theme of FB then what are you thinking just change it completely using extension Facebook themes. This extension allows you to change the look of your FB completely easily. You can find hundreds of themes in it. Just give it a try and change your Facebook completely.

10. How To Check Who Is Online After Being Offline

If you think that your best friend or girl friend is online but pretending to be offline by getting invisible then simply use Online now application to detect who is online and is trying to ignore by getting invisible.

11. How To Login To Multiple Facebook Account At A Time

Some users operate more than one Facebook account then it’s a little bit difficult to open multiple FB account in different browsers and then keep on switching them. Here’s a simple solution of it, If you use Google Chrome then you can open multiple FB account within Google Chrome only. Follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Facebook account. 
  • Then click on settings tab and add a new user to chrome browser.
  • This will open a new Google Chrome window and now on it you can open another FB account and can manage them easily at a time.

12. Facebook Fake Wall Post – Prank

Thewallmachine allows you to create custom Facebook status, updates, alerts and even events on the behalf of famous celebrities. You can use it as a prank with your friends. So give it a try and enjoy.

13. How To Stop Facebook From Tracking You

You probably don’t know but Facebook tracks about your each and every activity on the internet. It keeps a record about your surfing on the internet. Facebook does this to make money from it. FB tracks almost everything when you are on the internet. But don’t worry you can stop Facebook from tracking you using browser extension. One can use Facebook Disconnect extension for this. This extension is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla. One can easily download and install it.

14. How To Make Facebook Talk Like A Pirate

Well, this is a feature provided by Facebook. This feature translate all of your friend’s posts into pirate slang. Is it Quiet interesting? Yes it is. Follow the steps below to make FB talk like a pirate.

  • First of all click on the upside down triangle in the upper right-hand corner on your FB homepage. 
  • Now click on the “Settings” link. Where it says “Language” click on edit button.
  • Then navigate to the “English (Pirate)” option and enjoy.

15. How To Combine Your Profile Picture And Cover Photo

You might have seen some FB pages where the profile picture and cover photo looks like a seamless photo. This is done by some graphical techniques. You can use Tricked Out Timeline tool to upload an image and then turn it into a cover photo and profile picture combo that looks really amazing.

16. Find Hidden Unread Messages

Many people don’t know this but you might be getting messages from people and don’t know it. If someone sends you a message and you have no mutual friends, Facebook automatically filters their message into the “Other” message folder. To find the “Other” folder, click the word bubble icon at the top of the page. Then next to where it says “Inbox” click “Other.”

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