How To Access Free Internet With NMD VPN Software On PC

Today in this article I am going to demonstrate a tutorial about a very useful software NMD VPN. I know most of the users are surely unaware about it. You all search for free internet tricks sometimes. We always think that we will get any trick to use free internet on mobile. Google for free internet on PC and there will be lakhs of result. Most of the results are fake. They are on Google to just earn money by making people fool.

Free internet with nmd vpn

If it comes to use free internet on PC then no one can beat NMD VPN. You can easily get internet for free to access websites without any restrictions. First of all let’s talk about what is NMD VPN?

What Is NMD VPN?

According to shariqueweb NMD VPN is an Open VPN client that is mostly used to access free Internet on PC & it is very popular among Indians. Overall it is a most widely use method to gain free internet. 

Features Of NMD VPN Software

  • It is available freely anyone can download it and use for free internet tricks.
  • It supports all TCP and UDP ports.
  • Also it supports all HTTP and HTTPS sites.
  • Best software available to use free internet.

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How To Configure NMD VPN For Free Internet 

  • First of all download NMD VPN software from Here.
  • Extract it using any zip extractor such as WinRar.
  • Now install the software directly if you are on Windows XP.
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 users right click on the software and click on “Run As Administrator” .
  • Install the software by accepting terms & conditions.

How To Use NMD VPN For Free Internet On PC

  • First connect your modem or data card or mobile with the internet setting of your internet service provider (APN of Network).
  • Run NMD VPN software on your system.
  • Now search for NMD VPN icon in your task-bar right menu.
  • Right click on it then select VPN Server, connect it by left click.

Before applying the above four steps you will need to put config files in the folder only then you will be able to connect through the internet.

Path Of Config Folder For Windows XP/7/8 (32bit) :-  
C:/Program Files (x86)/NMDVPNconfig

Path Of Config Folder For Windows XP/7/8 (64bit) :-
C:/Program Files/NMDVPNconfig

Note :- We don’t provide any config file till yet, you will have to manually find it on the internet.

If everything will go fine and your config files are right then you will be able to surf internet for free.

Red Sign Shows NMD VPN is disconnected.
Yellow Sign Shows NMD VPN is trying to connect.
Green Sign Shows NMD VPN is now connected. 

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