10+1 Xiaomi Mi3, Redmi 1s Tips & Tricks Uneviled

Xiaomi has become one of the most popular Chinese brand in the market. It is all because of their amazing features and affordable prizes. Everyone knows about Xiaomi MI3 and Redmi 1s, they got huge success in the Android market. MI3 is not out of stock in the country. This shows that how much popular it is. Knowing the popularity of Xiaomi I have found some hidden tips & tricks of Redmi 1s and MI3 for you. You might be unaware about these tricks. Check out below and have fun.

Xiaomi Tips & Tricks
Xiaomi Tips & Tricks

1. Private Messaging

Xiaomi’s MIUI has offers one amazing feature that is private messaging. This feature comes pre-loaded within the MIUI. In other Smartphones you might need to download third party apps to use this feature. You can use security settings in it and apply password to prevent unauthorized access. Also you can even designate private contacts that will send messages straight into the private folder. Follow the steps below to activate this feature:

  • Open messaging app.
  • Continue to swipe the screen downwards till the private message section appears.

2. Wi-Fi sharing With QR Code

In Xiaomi’s MIUI, there is an easier way to share your Wi-Fi network that is QR code. Xiaomi devices have a QR code reader which is integrated into the camera app, so you can simply activate the camera, point it at the QR code and you’re connected. Follow the steps below to activate this feature:

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  • Go to setting.
  • Now click on Wi-Fi.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network you are connected to.
  • Now click on Share Wi-Fi to activate the QR code to scan.

3. Pop Up View For Music And Note App

It’s a simple looking feature but no doubt tricky it is. Just do a downward swipe on the default music player and then you will be able to view a pop up of you music app. This feature is available only for music and note app. Do a swipe on your default note app; write your note on the pop up window and save them easily. Follow the steps below to activate this feature:

  • Swipe down on the music app and then it will show a pop up window.

4. Instant Flash Light

Flash light is our one of the most important need in Smartphones. Xiaomi offers a good quality flash light. I have personally used it and it’s simply awesome at this price tag. Xiaomi provides you to access flash light instantly from the home screen. It’s very easy to use in emergency. Now you don’t need to download any third party apps to use flash light. Follow the steps to activate this feature:
  • From the lock screen, press and hold the home button. This will enable flash light. To off it simply click on power button.

5. Lock Your Apps

This is another amazing feature from the Xiaomi. If you want to close all the apps running which uses RAM and battery also and don’t wanna close Whatsapp to chat with your friends, then you can lock Whatsapp from being closing. You can keep your favourite apps locked down in the multitasking menu, and with one tap, eliminate the other memory-hogging apps. Follow the steps below to activate this feature:

  • Simply press and hold the menu button to bring up the multitasking menu. Swipe
    the app downwards to lock it down. Now just click on little button showing RAM usage to kill all the apps.

6. Access Camera From Lock Screen 

Firstly draw your pattern then open camera app and after that you will be able to capture images. Is it time consuming? Yes it is. But Xiaomi’s MIUI has feature to access camera in less than two seconds! Follow the steps below to activate this feature:

  • Go to setting.
  • Now click on buttons.
  • Enable the feature “Long press back to take photo” .
  • That’s it; just do the same what is says and you are done with your pic.

7. Adjust Touch Sensitivity

If you ever feel that the response of the screen is not fast enough for you, you can configure this setting. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setting. 
  • Then select language and input method.
  • Now enter the selection pointer speed.
  • Set it to what it suits you.

Note : It wrote as Mouse/Trackpad but it still works the same way as touch sensitivity.

8. Updating The System Manually

For those that have problem in
updating OTA or they want to update the phone with something else, this
would be the one you needed.

Note: The installation package that is stored in the phone memory or SD card, it must be placed in “downloaded_rom” folder. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then click on About phone.
  • Now go the System updates.
  • Click on menu button or left side button.
  • Select Update Package.
  • Click on the file you downloaded. 

9. Hide Albums In Gallery

If you are having some pics that you doesn’t want to show to anyone than Xiaomi has something very interesting for you. You can hide any album in the gallery. You don’t need to download any third party app to use this feature. It comes in built in Xiaomi. Follow the steps to activate this feature:
To Hide:

  • Open gallery app.
  • Tap local images.
  • Long tap the album you want to hide.
  • Now just click on Hidden Album.

To UnHide:

  • Launch gallery app.
  • Tap local images.
  • Click on menu button.
  • Now tap show hidden albums.
  • Just tap the hidden album that you want to unhide.

10. Start Music In Lock Screen

If you are fond of music then Xiaomi has one amazing feature for you. You can use music app on the lock screen within seconds! No need to open the lock screen to start your music app. Follow the steps below to activate this feature:

  • Double Tap on the Lock Button and you will see the new Music player on the lock screen with play, next and previous buttons.

11. Pin Your Favorite Message On The Top  

One of the amazing features of MIUI is that you can show your favorite messages at the top in the messaging app. To activate this feature follow the steps below:

  • Long press the message which you want to pin and then just simply click on Pin It.

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