Write, Share And Make Money Online With BubbleWS

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Write, Share And Make Money Online With BubbleWS

Posted by Rahul Gupta
BubbleWS is a platform where users can write about what they think and can make money online easily. According to BubbleWS community "it's a content creation and discovery platform that combines the traditional social media model with unconventional leadership that allows users to profit from their posts. BubbleWS is a holistic macro blogging platfrom and social ecosystem where users can come to express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and be compensated for their contributions to the network".


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BubbleWS provides you a platform to share your ideas, opinions about anything you like. Now people doesn't need a blog to share their ideas and then wait for the advertisement to earn money. If you are good in writing skills then just write here and earn in dollars.

How Can You Make Money With BubbleWS?
The first thing that arises in one's mind is "Can I write here and make money". The answer is yes with no doubt. Anyone can share their ideas here. Here you don't need to be perfect in writing skills, you can share your opinions in simple understood able English. But you will need to be really good in writing high quality articles. Because competition is everywhere, people will read only those articles which are really good and also unique. 

The topic of article can be anything like if you want to know about my opinion then i will write about tips, tricks, how-to guides etc. 

How Much Can I Earn Here?
You will be paid a minimum of $0.01 for each activity you will do. You will get money for the following activities :
  • No. of views your article receives (1 View = $0.01)
  • No. of comments your article receives (1 Comment = $0.01)
  • No. of likes your article receives (1 Like = $0.01)
To earn more you will need to be active on the website. You will need to like others article and comment on them. This will enable other bubbleWS users to visit your article thus helping you make more money. It's all about writing and sharing. Write articles and share them as much as you can. 

BubbleWS Earning Stats
BubbleWS Earning Stats

Here is a screenshot of my BubbleWS earning stats which i have earned. I am using it to just gain backlinks but you can use it as a daily work to make money online. 

BubbleWS Mode Of Payment
You should have a minimum of $50 to redeem your money. You will have four payment options to select from- PayPal, Check, Visa Gift Card and BuyMe This. You can use PayPal to redeem your money as it's the most trust-able way to transfer money online.

BubbleWS Scam or Legit
After writing few article on this website you will surely search for the answer of this question. And you will find both type of reviews about it. The reason about scam views is that some people doesn't follows the guidelines of BubbleWS and happens what is they are not paid. If you will write according to the the terms and conditions of the site you will always be paid. 

I had a complete check about the feedback of this website. And it's completely if you will write according to the guidelines. You will will find thousands of happy customers who are earning decent money through it. 

Overall BubbleWS is Genuine!!


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