Trick To Transfer Files With SuperFast Speed Between Smartphones

Are you fed up of transferring through traditional Bluetooth file sharing technique ? Surely you are. Because it’s very slow. No one can’t wait this much to transfer their files from one Android Smartphone to another. This era works with super fast speed. There’s not any place for older techniques. Now you can transfer your files with high speed between two Android Smartphone.


Sending larger size files using Bluetooth is not a easy task. Firstly it’s time consuming and also sometime gets error also. But with the evolution of new technology you can now send your files without any speed issue. Here’s an application called Xender using it you can easily send large size files. You don’t need any cable, Wi-Fi, cellular connection and it’s absolutely free of data usage.

Some Features Which Xender Supports

  • You can send anything such as contacts, files, pictures, music, videos and apps also.
  • Developers say that Xender is 50 times faster than Bluetooth. You can imagine your video will be sent in just few seconds!
  • It supports group sharing up to 5 devices at the same time. You can both send and receive with re-establishing connection.
  • It provides cross platform transfer and sharing between Android and iOS devices.
  • One Key Phone Change” it’s a feature that makes it so easy when you change your phone. By using this feature you can select to replicate part of or all phone data (contacts, apps, files, pictures, music, videos) from your existing phone to new phone in just a few simple clicks.
  • There is a option in the app “Connect To PC“, which allow you to transfer between phone and PC.
  • You can experience some super cool effect using “Slide” picture transfer feature.
  • There is a option for invite also, so you can easily invite your friends to install Xender.
  • Xender is available in Arabic, English, French, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Spanish.

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How To Use Xender
Step 1: Download and install Xender in your Android Smartphone.
Step 2: For the first time you will need to set up your profile just enter the required details. 
Step 3: To transfer files open the app in your Smartphone and ask your friend also to open it on his Smartphone.
Step 4: Tap on ‘Connect Friends’ and then ‘Create Group’.

Create Connection
Create Connection

Step 5: Then your friend will get notification on Xender that you’re online. Just ask
him to click on Connect Friends then Tap to join next to your Xender
name appearing on his Smartphone. 

Connect With Friends
Connect With Friends

Step 6: In this way you will get connected in a private Wi-Fi network, now choose what you want to share and transfer with super fast speed. 

Android Download Link: Xender
iOS Download Link: Xender
iOS (Jailbreak) Download Link: Xender

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