Get Android Lollipop Look On Your Smartphone With These 5 Apps

In the June Google previewed Android Lollipop or L or 5.0 at the Google I/O developer event. Everyone was excited for the final version and finally Android L was announced on Wednesday, 15 October. It has been launched for devices like Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. The most prominent changes in the Android 5.0 release is a redesigned user interface built around a responsive design language called ‘material design‘. 


Android Lollipop
Android Lollipop

Developers have made changes in the notification system which allows notifications to be accessed from the lockscreen. Below is a short description of some newly added features or improvements in Android L. 

  • Material Design
  • Notifications On Lock Screen
  • Security Improvements
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • New Quick Setting
  • New Messenger App (Simplified Version Of Google Hangouts)
  • Boost In Performance 
  • Updated Camera
  • Device Sharing

 If you can’t wait for the new Android Lollipop then here are a few apps that you can try to get look like Android L or 5.0. 

1. Lollipop Lockscreen:
Upcoming lockscreen of Android L will bring some notifications and animations also. If you want to feel it on your current Smartphone then you can try Lollipop Lockscreen. It will make you feel same like new Android L notification setting. Lollipop Lockscreen has following features to offer:

Lollipop Lockscreen_1
Lollipop Lockscreen_1

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  • Lockscreen notifications.
  • Using Android 4.4 API.
  • Swipe lockscreen up for music controls.
  • Swipe lockscreen down to unlock.
  • Swipe Lockscreen right for quick Camera access.
  • Swipe Lockscreen left for quick Phone access.
  • Setup a Pin code to stop friends from unlocking.
  • Real Android L font.
  • Premium – pattern unlock.
  • Premium- disable password/pattern on WiFi.
  • Premium-Dark theme.
Lollipop Lockscreen_2
Lollipop Lockscreen_2

2. Material Wallpapers(Android L): 
One of the most interesting feature of new Android L is it’s material design. If you want to feel it on your Smartphone then here’s a app called Material Wallpapers (Android L). It’s an app which comes with some really neat looking wallpaper to give material design feel in your Smartphone. App contains 30 High Quality Handcrafted Wallpapers dressed in the famous Material Design / Quantum paper design. It will debut on the upcoming Android Lollipop (Android 5.0) by Google. 

Material Wallpaper
Material Wallpaper

All the wallpapers in the app are available in the perfect resolution for almost every device out there as almost all resolutions are supported. But the app isn’t optimized for tablets till yet. 

To set as lock screen wallpaper (only on Samsung devices) , first set a live wallpaper on both the home screen and the lock screen and then set your favorite material wallpaper from the app. The wallpaper will be set to both the lock screen and the home screen. This feature cannot be added separately as its exclusive to Samsung devices.

3. Android L Calculator:
This app will provide you all the standard features of a calculator and also give you feel of calculator available in material design. Some features which it will offer:

  • Entering a positive value.
  • Enter fractional value.
  • High quality animations.
  • Simple design.
  • Fast interface.
Android L Calculator
Android L Calculator

4. ExDialer Theme Android L: 
There is always a update in the dialer with the new Android update. And surely Android L is also having a new dialer with awesome neat and clean looking. You can feel the new dialer with the app ExDialer Theme Android L. This app imitates Android L Preview dialer as much as possible it make for ExDialer. It has “circle” animation for pressed buttons and tabs. 

ExDialer Theme Android L
ExDialer Theme Android L

5. ai.Android L-Lollipop keyboard:
The first thing to be leaked about Android L was it’s keyboard. This new keyboard looks less cramped and much more fluid. You can feel it with the app ai.Android L-Lollipop Keyboard. This keyboard theme is inspired by new material design of Android 5.0. In it Keys are not separated in a grid as the curves and lines of the letters
provide the only needed visual cue. This flat design features bold
buttons and a color palette is similar to Android Lollipop.

Android L Keyboard
Android L Keyboard

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