8 Genuine Websites To Earn Free Mobile Recharge

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

8 Genuine Websites To Earn Free Mobile Recharge

Posted by Rahul Gupta
At present earning free talk-time is not a tough task. You can easily get your monthly mobile expenditure by doing some tasks. If you will go through a search result on "how to earn free talk-time", you will find thousands of results claiming to give free mobile recharge. And this is true also, at this time there are thousands are websites available online which offers free talk-time for doing some simple tasks. You will get some amount of Rs. for each activity, even for registering on website you will be paid. Quiet interesting, so i have found a verified list of these type of sites and complete detail about them. Just check out them, register and start earning.
Earn Free Talktime
Earn Free Talk-time

1. Laaptu :-

  • Joining bonus 2 Rs.
  • Play quiz contest and win up to 10 Rs if you answer correct.
  • Play fun quiz and win assured talk-time of 0.78 Rs.
  • Play math quiz and win assured talk-time of 0.78 Rs.
  • Invite friends and get up to 2 Rs. per joining.

  • Login daily and get up to 25 paise credits for daily login.
  • Play Trivia Game and participate in Build Your Vocabulary to get Rs.1 every day.
  • Participate in Special Offers that gives free money credits instantly.
  • Play Contests and win up to Rs.10 free recharge.
  • Invite your friends to amulyam and when they join, get Rs.1 for each registration.
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  • Complete surveys and get instant recharge.
  • Book tickets and earn recharge.
  • Earn for online shopping and liking Facebook page.
  • Invite friends to join freetalkie and win a 4GB pendrive.
  • Refer friends and earn 1 Rs. per joining.

  • Joining Bonus 1 Rs.
  • Earn talk-time by signups, shopping, click-n-earn, install, like-n-earn.
  • Play quiz and earn.
  • Refer friends and earn 1 Rs. per joining.

  • Earn up to Rs. 8 just for registering.
  • Download mobile apps and earn up to Rs. 8.
  • Sign-up and earn Rs. 1 daily.
  • Fill surveys and win up to Rs. 3 daily.
  • Invite friends and earn Rs. 1 for each joining.

  • Click on my inbox ads and earn up to 10 paise per ad.
  • Participate in bonus offers and earn Rs. 1 per offer.
  • Earn up to Rs. 1 with gift ads.
  • Refer friends and earn up to Rs. 1 per joining.

  • Earn talk-time by sending SMS to friends.
  • 100 funbucks as joining bonus.
  • Earn funbucks by signups, surveys and downloading apps. Later you can use funbucks to earn talk-time.
  • Invite friends and earn 100 funbucks.

  • Get daily login credits of 20 paise which increases to 30 paise after 20 days and then 40 paise after 30 days.
  • Earn instantly up to 50 Rs. just by registering.
  • Play quiz, shop to earn more talk-time.
  • Refer friends and earn Rs. 1 per joining.


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