4 Methods To Use Android Phone As A Web Camera/Spy Camera For Windows/Mac/Linux

Are you having a Smartphone? If yes then for what purpose do you use it, I think for making phone calls, messaging, browsing internet or gaming that’s it. Do you know? You can use it as a web camera for your system. Quiet interesting, you can use your Android phone as a spy camera for your PC/Mac/Linux. Most of the desktop users are not having webcam to make video calls, while some of them are not satisfied with the quality of their webcam. Then they go for a new high picture quality webcam as a solution, which costs money. 
Android Phone As Webcam
Android Phone As Webcam

But now you don’t need to worry if you are having an Android Smartphone. You need not to buy an expensive spy camera to make video calls and to spy on. Connect with your friends on Skype, Google Talk or Facebook easily without spending a penny. All you need is your old Android phone and a tripod or a stand so that you can mount your phone easily for perfect video calls.

There are many android apps available in play store which allows you to use your phone as a webcam for your system. Below is the list of these apps and complete guide on how to use my android phone as a webcam.

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1. DroidCam Wireless Webcam :-

DroidCam allows you to turn your Android device into a wireless webcam. You can chat on Skype, Google+ and other programs easily. Installation is also easy. You just need to download this app on your Android device and a client for PC. Then you can connect your phone with PC and use it as a webcam.
Features (Free Version) :-

  • Chat easily including sound and picture.
  • Completely free with unlimited usage.
  • Connect over Wi-Fi USB cable or Bluetooth. 
  • Uses less battery and space.

Features (Pro Version) :-

  • High resolution video support.
  • Works with less network usage. 
  • Access via browser easily. 
  • Offers features like flash, auto focus, zoom and many more.
Follow the steps to connect your phone as a wireless webcam:-
  •  First of all download DroidCam PC Client.
  • Download DroidCam Android app from Here
  • Install the application on your computer and phone. 
  • Open the app on your computer and the app on your phone. 
  • On your computer, choose which method to use (Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth). 
  • Say if you’re using Wi-Fi, enter the IP address that appears in the app on your phone into the DroidCam PC client and select audio, video or both. 
  • Click Connect on the DroidCam client to start. That’s it.

Note :- To Use DroidCam in Skype or Gtalk use “DroidCam” as the source. 

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2. IP Webcam :-
Another awesome app to turn your device into a wireless webcam. It offers lots of features. You can view your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser. IP Webcam works only on Wi-Fi so you need your Android device to be connected with Wi-Fi. You will also need to configure Skype or Gtalk to use IP Webcam.
Features :-

  • Video recording in WEBM or MPEG4 (on Android 4.1+).
  • Audio support with formats like wav, opus and AAC( AAC requires Android 4.1+). 
  • Motion detector with sound trigger, Tasker integration. 
  • Date, time and battery level video overlay. 
  • Sensor data acquisition with online web graphing. 
  • Video chat support.

Download :- IP Webcam

3. EpocCam – Wireless HD Webcam :-
It is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac. Works file with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google+ Hangouts, Facebook Video Calling, Chatroulette, YouTube and other webcam-enabled applications. It supports a good camera quality with HD 720p video.
Features :-

  • High quality real-time video streaming.
  • Windows 8 support including Skype. 
  • Automatic connectivity. 
  • Over 30 feet Wi-Fi wireless range. 
  • All data is secured with strong encryption to keep your video private. 
  • Use your device as a wireless microphone in EpocCam Pro. 
  • Secure signed drivers supported on 64-bit Windows. 
  • Enabled with auto-focus feature.

Download :- EpocCam

4.SmartCam Webcam :-
It works on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Just install the Android and PC client and start your video chat. Reviews are quiet good about the app with perfect video quality. Installation is little bit easier than other apps. It supports both Windows as well as Linux.
Download Android Client From Here

Download PC Client From Here

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