8 Most Common SEO Mistakes And Ways To Fix Them

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

8 Most Common SEO Mistakes And Ways To Fix Them

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques can’t be avoided; it can rank your blog/website at the top in the search results and also at the bottom due to some common SEO mistakes. People use SEO techniques to ensure that they will get decent amount of traffic but sometimes they can make some SEO errors which in turn will affect their blog/website. 
SEO Mistakes
Google and other major search engines are looking for quality website after the Google’s update. But not to worry there are some ways to identify areas of improvement on your site. Here I have found a list of some common SEO mistakes your site might be having and ways to fix them.

1. Duplication of Content
Always remember content is the king. Search engines look for new unique content. Don’t ever try to think of copying content from somewhere and then post it on your website. Google will not index your article or it can penalize your website also. 

Most of the newbie don’t have SEO knowledge; they just want to earn money. These newbie always try to target the same topic with a little variation which won’t add much value to your site. So it is always advised to write original topic in detail with complete research and then make an effort to strengthen each and every original post.

2. Poor Link Building Or No Link Building
Link building has become an important factor in SEO technique after Google Penguin Update. It has now become essential to build many quality inbound links to site. In short, link building is when you get your site link placed onto another high quality website. Most of the newbie don’t research about link building and keep on posting their website’s link on poor quality sites, forums which enables Google to slap you site. 

It is always advised to link your site only with high quality and high PR (PageRank) website or blog, while most of the people prefer to create internal links within the official website itself as a way to obtain inbound links. However these links contribute very little.

3. Using Too Much Flash Content
If you are running a flash website or using flash content on your blog then it’s time to remove it completely. Spider bots can’t index flash contents; therefore your site can’t rank higher in search results. This flash content can be very attractive but can ruin your search ranking completely. So it’s time to redesign your site which looks good but also have decent search ranking.

4. Too Many Backlinks To Homepage
You can’t rank your website at the top in search results just by linking your homepage URL to other sites. If you have linked just your home page as back links then it’s time to build backlinks for other pages also. No website will look natural if it has backlinks only to home page.

Most of the newbie get too excited about ranking their homepage, and they forget to build backlinks to other pages, instead of building hundreds of links to your homepage, you should create some for other pages also. It is like you are only concern about your homepage not any other page listed on your site. Always try to split back links like if you want to create 100 backlinks then split these backlinks for all the available pages on your site.

5. Buying Backlinks
Big brands have been caught and penalized by Google because of buying links without any research about them. These Big brands don’t have enough time so they purchase links thinking that their site will get higher ranking in search results, but sometime these purchased links has no value or are of low quality. This in turn just decreases your search ranking. Always do proper research about the source from where you are buying backlinks and a research about the quality of backlinks.

6. Speed of Website
The chances of revisiting of a user will surely increase if your website loads faster. In this modern world no one is having this much time that they will wait for your website loading. Because it might be happen that they can find the same content on a site which loads very fast, then why they will visit your site. Most of the users expect a website to load in 2 seconds. Don’t use unnecessary scripts, plug-ins or pop ups that can make your site slow.

You can use Google Page Speed Insights Tool to analyze your website whether it is running slow or fast or you can also use PingDom Tools.

7. Errors In Robots.txt File
The robots.txt file is one of the most important file on your server because it informs search engines spider bots on how to engage with your site to index your content. A little error in Robots.txt file can cause complete de-indexing of your site. Your site will not show up in search results then.

It is always advised to keep on checking indexing of your website on Google and other top search engines. If you face any issue then just check your Robots.txt file for issues. You can check your site’s indexed page by using this command on Google:

Site: yoursite.com
It will show up total result that is indexed.

8. Less Words Issue
Lots of posts doesn't get high ranking in search engine due to less words. Newbie don’t do proper SEO research and then they face less words issue. Do a keyword search on Google and just check out the first 10 listed websites you will found that almost all of them are having 1500- 2000 words in their posts. That’s the secret of their top ranking in search results. 

Before writing each and every post always do proper researches about your idea then write about it in detail so that visitors find it useful during reading. If they will get everything in your post related to your idea then they will surely visit your site again.


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