Sites and resources that can help newcomers to Destiny 2

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Sites and resources that can help newcomers to Destiny 2

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Destiny 2 is a unique online MMO shooter set in the distant future, where the player chooses one of three proposed classes and confronts a horde of space invaders while exploring space and the game's history of the world, which continues after the events of the first part from the Bungie company.

For a beginner who is just starting to understand Destiny 2, it will not be enough to go through training and study the quest system and various types of weapons; you also need to understand the game meta and choose the best options for developing your character.

What sites can help beginners:

  • Skycoach
  • Destiny 2 Wiki
  • Destiny 2 Companion


Skycoach is a service that provides various functions for training, development, strengthening characters, helping close difficult tasks and raids, and supplies of glitter.

What services will be useful:

  • Selling glitter
  • Passing difficult raids
  • Coaching

Selling glitter

Glitter is the main currency in Destiny 2 and is always in demand for purchasing weapons, armor, consumables, ammo, and other things for successful interaction between players.

Skycoach allows you to buy glitters in any quantity and guarantees all precautions to avoid in-game sanctions from the Destiny 2 administration.

All glitters are obtained by playing and do not appear in potential sanctions - glitters obtained by third-party programs or stolen from a hacked account fall under the future ban.

Skycoach guarantees a refund in any disputable situation.

Passing difficult raids

There are many raids in Destiny 2, which differ in difficulty level and rewards for successful completion. The most difficult - mythical raids require players to unite in large groups, where the reward will be divided among all participants.

Skycoach helps the player through all the problematic raids, where the player receives the main reward.

Professional players Skycoach will enter the raid zone, eliminate opponents and give the player the opportunity to deliver the final blow and collect all the rewards from the boss.


Coaching is a kind of learning to play as a character, understanding the basic mechanics, types of weapons, and how to use special ammo, perks, and directions. The task of the coach is to teach the player to understand the meta and adjust the character to it, teach how to use skills and grenades in PVP and PVE.

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Destiny 2 Wiki

Wikipedia in games is a special source of information, similar to other articles published on the resource.

The player accessing the Wiki can always count on a detailed description of many game events and issues that may interest him, as well as get acquainted with the history of the world of Destiny 2.

Each class has its role and connection to the history of the game world:

The Titan is the protector of the city and a fantasy-themed knight of the distant future. Each Titan takes an oath to protect the city from invaders, even at the cost of their lives.

Warlock is a magician from the world of small arms. Uses various skills to strengthen allies and weaken opponents. A wanderer who dedicated himself to serving the light and fighting the darkness in any of its manifestations.

Hunter is a sniper and commando from the fantasy world. Uses ranged weapons and a dagger and have trapped. A desert wanderer and natural-born mercenary, he wears a signature cape that sets him apart from others. According to the legend, the hunters take the cloaks from the fallen brothers and must complete the contract instead of another hunter.

Full description of raids and strikes - the player can find key information about the strike - the entry point, the number and strength of the bosses, the skills he uses, and the reward that can be obtained if he wins.

Strikes and raids differ in difficulty and the number of people needed to enter the dungeon. Strike is a mini-raid for small groups.

Visit: Destiny 2 Wiki

Destiny 2 Companion

The Bungie released a special application with all the statistics and key information about Destiny 2 for smartphones.

Now, by logging into his account, the player can fully track his achievements, the amount of resources and shine, the status of the raid, the number of attempts, deaths, and useful activity on the game servers.

The service will help beginners better understand the game world, learn to understand the equipment and combine it with improving the characteristics of the class.

If a player chooses a development branch for his class, he will still be able to use weapons with a different effect - lightning, voids, and suns.

Through the application, you can create, join and leave clans, track your quest progress, and exchange equipment and weapons between your characters, of which you can create three on one account. Create and constantly add to the list of friends, and send and receive invitations to join fire teams for strikes, raids, and PVP campaigns.

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