Live Chat Support vs Phone Support: Which Works Best and Why?

Friday, 5 August 2022

Live Chat Support vs Phone Support: Which Works Best and Why?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Companies tend to go to lengths in terms of facilitating their clients. From bringing unique products to ensuring their customer service is robust too. Speaking of customer service, companies tend to adopt various methods for obtaining success when it comes to entertaining clients.

Live Chat Support vs  Phone Support– Which Works Best and Why

Amongst these methods, live chat support and phone support are the two widely used methods for offering support services. However, one should observe the efficacy of these methods to ensure to use them for the right support solutions.

We’re here to see the potential benefits of using these support methods and where they fit best in a company. So let's dive in and figure out which is better suited:

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The Phone Support Services

Phone support or simply referred to as calling support, is one of the standard methods used for offering support services. Phone support carries some important perks, which is why it’s often a preferred mode for many organizations to offer support services. 

Phone support

Let’s check why this is better in live chat support vs. phone support:

The Human Interaction

The first perk is the human interaction offered by phone support services. Talking to a representative, you can share details of the issue/ query as you understand, and the representative will work his way through your details to determine the issue and work through it.

For instance, if you’re obtaining internet services from AT&T, a reputed internet company, you can contact AT&T phone number for support services. Just narrate the issue, and the representative will provide an effective solution based on their diagnosis. It’s that simple.

Easy to Communicate

As highlighted earlier, customers can call the support contact number and narrate their issues. There’s no need to compose a hefty email or know what technical terms should be included in the mail.

Phone support makes it easier to relay all information without any hassle. One can easily narrate their issue, answer questions asked by the representative and apply fixes as told, or wait for the representative to provide you with the solution.

Helps Get Real-Time Assistance

A good reason why phone support is significant is that it offers real-time assistance. You can contact it for queries, issues, concerns, suggestions, or anything else as needed. Plus, the human interaction atmosphere makes it easier to relay your thoughts without any hassle. That is why in comparison between live chat support vs. phone support, this point makes a difference.

On the other hand, companies can provide real-time assistance and indulge in promotional workability that allows them to promote services immediately. Moreover, customers can be converted into loyal clients when offered discounts and deals in such a way.

Live Chat Support

Another mode used for customer services is live chats. Unlike phone support, live chats involve real-time texting the company representative while visiting their site. The live chat support brings several amazing perks that one should consider while using it for offering customer care. 

Live chat support

Let’s check its benefits and figure out between live chat support vs. phone support which one can be more reliable:

Multiple Chat Options

A good reason why companies prefer using live chats is that it allows the representatives to entertain multiple clients at a time. Unlike phone support, live chat representatives don’t have to wait for the chat to exit for attending to another client.

This makes it easier to entertain multiple clients at once as well as provide real-time assistance faster than phone support. However, shifting between chats can reduce efficiency if caution isn’t administered and can result in an error while handling escalations too.

Can Embed Tools

Good use of live chat comes when it can be embedded with tools such as self-service options and chatbots. These allow customers to resolve their issues without contacting customer support. Hence, the time taken to resolve the problem is reduced further. On the other hand, it also reduces the workload for the representatives.

Can Be Referenced

When it comes to referencing, live chats can be used to include media files as needed. It makes it easier for the customers and the representatives to illustrate anything or share media as required by the situation. Ultimately, it’s better than explaining the entire issue, which obviously takes time.

Which One Is Better?

Now that we’ve seen what phone support and live chat support offer in terms of benefits, it’s time to compare both live chat support vs. phone support and illustrate which one to use and when:


Phone Support

Live Chat Support

The Goods

Can be used for quick calls.

Brings in the human touch.

Effective where

communication via text

can be a hassle.

Ensures one-to-one


Helps with persuasive


Effectively resolves/ reports

solutions and progress.

Can be used for a quick


Helps share media files.

Fast way of


Helps communicate with

multiple customers.

Can embed different


Helps minimize the time

needed for resolving the

issue of the customers.

The Bads

Can have a long wait time.

No media sharing.

Needs representative’s

empathetic training.

High risk of negative w.o.m.

Can’t embed tools.

No personalized or

human-like experience.

Texting details can be a


Quick solutions can take


Can result in an error

with multiple




Which is better between live chat and phone support?

To your amazement, even though customers can directly talk to the support team on the phone support but the live chat has proven itself better. According to Forrester's study of a leading health insurance company, customers are more satisfied with live chat support instead of the phone.

What does it mean by support via live chat?

Live chat support happens on a 1:1 level. Customers can directly talk to a support person on the company’s website or apps. By talking to the person on the message, you receive instant help for the problems.

Why does live chat support is more preferable to customers to phone support?

Live chat can reduce the time of waiting as customers really despise waiting. This can help to reduce the stress on agents, and it helps to provide support to multiple customers at the same time.

What is the difference between live chat support vs. phone support?

Live chat is a form of messaging where you talk to a person by typing and sending the problem in the text. Phone support includes audio where you directly talk to the support person and explain your issues in the form of audio.

Closing Thoughts

Based on the insights given above, one can generate the thought that in live chat support vs. phone support, both methods are important for customer support. Where phone support offers a personalized touch, live chats make it easier to share media through the chat. 

On the other hand, the one-to-one interaction with the clients makes it easier for the companies to promote their products and persuade customers to buy them. In other words, both methods prove fruitful for the company and should be used accordingly.


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