What is SWSetup Folder? Everything You Need To Know

Sunday, 17 July 2022

What is SWSetup Folder? Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Madhu Gupta
It is likely that the process swsetup.exe will be running in the Task Manager if you have an all-in-one computer or laptop made by HP. You can still see a SWSetup folder on your Windows system even if you don't have the HP device.

What is SWSetup Folder? Everything You Need To Know

Furthermore, there have been many misconceptions about the folder, all of which will be clarified in this article.

What is SWSetup Folder?

"SWSetup.exe" is a folder in the C drive that looks for various available driver updates while operating in the background. In fact, SWSetup contains the installation files for the majority of the laptop's drivers. Moreover, the HP software setup tool is also managed by this folder.


This is frequently seen in HP PCs and typically takes up no storage space. This folder is not necessary, but you should back it up anyhow. In the event that something goes wrong with your computer, this folder is crucial.

Why do you need the SWSetup folder?

This tool will undoubtedly fix your computer issues. It includes the drivers you will need in the event that a problem needs to be fixed. Additionally, it looks for any driver updates. It will also attempt to install any updates that are discovered in the background. However, the program waits for you to manually shut down or restart the PC before caching these updates in a folder on the startup drive.

It also includes the data file needed to restore those drivers if a virus or hard drive failure causes some of them to become corrupt. So, it is a significant folder on your C drive, but you won't realize how essential it is until you actually need it.

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Is SWSetup Folder a virus or malware?

Some claim that this file behaves like a computer virus, while others claim that it protects the operating system from other malware. The folder often doesn't endanger the security of your computer or network, though. On the other hand, a lot of malicious tools disguise themselves as legitimate processes by changing their names.

The first indicator of whether an executable file is a legitimate windows operation or a potential virus is the location of the executable folder itself. The SWSetup folder is located in the C:swsetup folder. Furthermore, you should check if you discover it elsewhere to see whether it is a virus.

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What are the issues with the SWSetup folder?

Random Restart

The SWSetup occasionally pushes updates without thoroughly testing them. These upgrades could have errors and issues that prevent certain features from working correctly. Additionally, the process may permit random system restarts, which users may continue to encounter.

High Resource Usage

In general, many users frequently experience low memory concerns. Sometimes, there is just one thing that needs to be deleted: all extra data. Undoubtedly, many users encounter this issue on a daily basis. The SWSetup folder, which runs operations in the background, may cause this issue.

Uncontrolled Process

The process could go on even if there is not a driver update available. So, it can impact other processes' functionality, which could endanger the device. Additionally, the process's subsequent folder consumes a significant amount of space on the boot drive. Consequently, issues with minimal storage space may arise.

How to delete the SWSetup Folder?

Without a good reason, you shouldn't delete the SWSetup folder because doing so can impair the functionality of any connected programs that depend on that file. However, some users believe that this file is a virus's mechanism to infect a computer. Therefore, you must try to fix your device as soon as you suspect it may be affected by a virus.

Deleting the SWSetup folder is relatively easy; you just need to find its location and delete it. The steps that you should follow are-
  • Go to the start menu and right-click.
  • Then, from the list, choose File explorer.
  • In the file explorer, you will find "This PC" you just need to click on it and then navigate Local Disk (C:).
  • In the C drive, you will find the SWSetup folder, so now you just need to right-click on it and choose "Delete."

What is an alternative to deleting the SWSetup folder?

You can move the folder to another location if you do not want to delete it. However, the folder uses very little hard drive space and no system resources, so there is no benefit.

What is an alternative to deleting the SWSetup folder?

If your Windows partition is running low on space, move this folder to a different section or a portable drive. You will probably be able to retrieve it from the HP homepage even if you want it in the future.

However, the biggest issue with relocating the SWSetup folder is that not all of the data may be accurately moved to the new place. Therefore, you should take precautions to ensure that the file systems at the source and destination sites are identical.

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The SWSetup folder is crucial for solving any driver-related issues. But you can try to delete it if there's a problem with storage or another process. However, doing this without first backing up your data is not suggested because this folder contains a lot of data about your hardware and applications. Instead, you can relocate it to a more suited area.


Is it OK to delete the SWSetup folder?

You can delete the SWsetup folder at your convenience, although you can easily retrieve it if you need it in the future. However, it does not affect the functionality of your system, so it is of no harm to you. While deleting it is also not a problem if you have all the necessary drivers in place.

Where is the SWSetup folder located?

The folder's location becomes a crucial factor in figuring out whether it contains malware or a virus. On HP laptops, the SWSetup folder is a typical system folder. Furthermore, the SWSetup folder is located under the C:swsetup folder on the device.


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