Top 5 Free Web Conferencing Tools

Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Top 5 Free Web Conferencing Tools

Posted by Madhu Gupta
The new normal of working from home has been a very challenging situation. And with new odds come new ways out. Thus, with the fall of the Covid situation, web conferencing tools have become more important and prevalent.

These tools benefit you in many ways, from screen share online free to providing the facilities of a paid version free of cost, and a company can rely on such conferencing tools.

These tools, with time, have become an essential part of a company. Improved technologies have made web conferencing tools easier and simple to support potential customers. Knowing the functions and some of the best free web conferencing tools is a delight. Let us get started!

5 Best Free Web Conferencing Tools

1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the free web conferencing apps, but it has limited its offerings in its free personal meeting version. Its free personal meeting version offers the meeting availability for only three people for forty minutes. 

Apart from such restrictions, it is an excellent application that provides outstanding features. You can get the advantages of a full-screen view and telephone call-in. With the introduction of customized personal backgrounds, zoom has paved the way for fun sessions of meetings.
The web conference tool provides an integration surface space for Outlook and Chrome. Besides, it provides features for application-specific or desktop, thereby allowing group or private chats, and offers a whiteboard via a virtual platform.

Zoom provides 40 minutes limited group meeting sessions, but the one-on-one meetings in zoom do not have any limitation on time duration.

2. Google Meet

One of the most popular apps for a free web conferencing tool is Google Meet. Google Meet is a completely free platform for every user and has no limitations. Video calling and sending or receiving instant messages are some of the simplest and easiest features of Google Meet. Apart from such features, Google Meet offers host VoIP calls.

One of the primary and essential benefits of Google Meet is that it can provide captions in languages such as Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and German. Anyone can have access to Google Meet without even downloading the application.

This is because it has become an inbuilt feature of Gmail. Apart from such benefits, you can share your screen with just a click, given the option of sharing your entire window or just a tab.

3. Microsoft Teams

Another common name in free web conferencing tools is the Microsoft Teams. The tool registers its users in millions because of its highly developed features and authenticity.

If you use Microsoft Teams, you will be able to create various channels inside your very own workspace. Thus, it offers you the facility of separating multiple departments of your company. The Teams have provided an upgrade for its users, which clearly states for an automated experience for its users. 

One of the fascinating features of using Microsoft Teams is that it can accommodate members of up to 10,000. This automation offers mic sensitivity and automatic transcription. Call recordings, blurring of the backgrounds, and automated show up of the live captions are the other certain features of this fantastic web conferencing tool.

It is to be noted that you can benefit from interrogating with other platforms while using Microsoft Teams such as Zoom, TeamViewer, and RingCentral. And because of such an outstanding feature, you will be able to get the advantages of Microsoft Teams and use the mentioned virtual platforms.

4. Skype

Skype is a prevalent web conferencing tool. The app offers you known solutions that make it simple to use. Although this application asks you to save the participants' contacts you wish to make a part of your conference, this application allows you to share your screen, which is unknown to many. 

This platform is one of the best web conferencing tools for small teams who are always keen to use the forum. With the recent development, Skype has come up with the facility of locking the meetings. 

This newly developed ability allows privacy, thereby baring the entry of any unwelcomed member. Via skype, any host can conduct video or audio conferences with a limitation of 100 members.

Be it the host iOS or the desktop OS, or the apps on the android phone, Skype can be supported in all. Last but not least, with the introduction of animated backgrounds, members or hosts can make their meeting full of fun rather than boring. Join in today!


There are many other options for free web conferencing applications, such as Apache OpenMeetings, Dialpad Meetings, and Join. Me, and many others. Nonetheless, this article mentions some of the top web conferencing tools that we can benefit from for our daily uses. Choose wisely while selecting a free web conferencing platform, and go ahead with your needful!


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