How To Prepare For IBPS PO Exam? | Everything You Need To Know

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

How To Prepare For IBPS PO Exam? | Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Madhu Gupta

IBPS PO Exam or the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Examination is a competitive exam. It is an exam conducted for the banking sector. 

IBPS PO exam

You should have a sound understanding of the topics to crack the exam.

What Is IBPS PO Exam?

It is a banking sector exam to hire for the positions in IBPS participating banks and institutions. Your exam preparation should be a well-structured method. Many candidates apply for this exam, but only a few succeed. This page has more information related to the preparation for the exam, including the syllabus, mock tests, etc. 


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Examination Process

In the IBPS exam, there are two sections of each common written exam and interview. People who clear the written exam become eligible for an interview. For the IBPS PO exam, there are Pre and Mains examinations. Candidates who clear Preliminary become eligible for the Mains exam and then Interview. 

Here is an article to help you with books to help you with your exam preparation.

Valuable Tips For The Preparation

Some useful tips to prepare for the IBPS PO exam can help candidates achieve success.

Know The Latest Syllabus And Exam Pattern

Prior to the exam preparation, you should have a proper understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. You can make a study plan according to the exam pattern and syllabus and follow the same strictly. 


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Analyze The Previous Exams

You should analyze the previous exams to learn the difficulty level of the paper. You should know the minimum marks required to qualify for the exam. It may be different every year depending on the difficulty level of the paper. You should make a strategy to prepare and follow while giving mock tests. 

Know Your Weakness And Work On It

You may have slow calculation speed or confusion in any particular subject. It is essential to know your weaknesses. Keep giving lots of mock tests as they can help you to understand your weaknesses. Try to work more on your weakness while doing preparation. 

Give Regular Mock Tests

Solve as many mock tests as you can. This will help you to stay updated with the type of questions that come in the exam. It also helps you get an idea of your preparation level and improve your weak areas. 

Read Newspapers

Reading newspapers regularly helps you to stay updated about current affairs. It is an important part of preparing for the IBPS PO exam. 

Use Intelligent Methods To Solve Questions

You have limited time to solve the paper. Therefore, you have to learn smart and straightforward methods to solve the paper. Most people think that using the book methods will help them to solve the paper quickly. But, the right way is to use simple and easy methods to solve the questions. This will help you to manage your time. 

Give Enough Time To Study, Practice, And Revise

Study new topics and revise the old ones regularly. Practice is important. Practice regularly so that you can remember the old and new stuff. Give sufficient time to your study, practice, and revision while preparing for the exam. 

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What To Prepare For The Exam?

The things that you are required to cover for the IBPS exam are as follows:

Professional Knowledge

If you are going for a specific officer post, you will be required to have professional knowledge. The syllabus for every special post is different. The special officer posts include HR/Personnel Officer, IT Specialist officer post, Law Officer, marketing officer, Agriculture Field Officer, etc. 

Computer Knowledge

It is another topic on which you should prepare. You should have a basic knowledge of computer skills. This is one of the must have skills for IBPS PO Exam. You have to prepare for computers, network basics, basic internet knowledge, Microsoft office, etc. 

Quantitative Aptitude

It is a vast topic and takes a lot of time. The main part of this topic is data interpretation. You must invest a lot of time-solving the problems. You should have a good knowledge of solving tabulation, sequences, quadratic equations, percentages, averages, etc. 

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You will choose English or Hindi, depending on your background stream. Having a better knowledge of the language you select is a must. You should have a good command of the English language as it is a global language. It is indeed an important topic. You need to focus on solving comprehension, grammar, spotting errors, etc. 

General Knowledge

Good general knowledge is the key to success for any competitive exam including IBPS PO Exam . Keep yourself updated on the latest events and news in India and the world. Newspapers are the best source for getting the latest news and information about the world as a whole. Reading newspapers daily will help you cover most of your general knowledge. Focus on the latest news about the Banking and Finance sector. Concentrate on the last year's development in the economic, Banking, finance, Marketing, Sports, Agriculture, etc. 


It is an important subject and plays an essential role in the banking exam. It helps you to score well if you are well prepared. You should focus on some crucial topics such as series, coding, problem-solving, etc.


IBPS is a difficult competitive exam. One has to study hard to crack the exam. Proper preparation and understanding of each subject and topic are essential. Dedication, hard work, and concentration are important to achieve success in the IBPS PO exam. You can also prepare for the exam without coaching. But you'll have to work hard and focus on preparing for the exam. You should study consistently for the exam. Try to devote at least 5-6 hours a day to prepare well for the exam.

Solving the previous years' questions papers can help you to know the exam pattern and the level of questions asked in the exam. It not only allows you to see the difficulty level of the questions but also helps to improve your speed and time management.


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