5 Proven Ways to Make Additional Money for PPC Marketers

Monday, 31 May 2021

5 Proven Ways to Make Additional Money for PPC Marketers

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Whether you are a freelancer or an in-house PPC marketer, it never hurts to earn some additional dollars. Here are five ways you can make money with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

generate additional money from ppc
Generate Additional Money From PPC

It includes a wide range of solutions, including affiliate programs, writing articles, developing landing pages, and more.

How a PPC Marketer Can Make Additional Money?

Discussed below is how a PPC Marketer can make additional money :

Leverage Digital Marketing Platform Affiliate Programs

In PPC affiliate marketing programs, you need to promote digital marketing platforms to bring individual users to the affiliate products. Then, each time a user signs up or pays for a subscription, you receive your commission. 

Platforms such as Supermetrics, Unbounce, and Leadpages pay 20-40% share of your affiliate’s subscription payments, whereas websites such as Semrush pay a fixed amount of $15 per trial activation. Some programs pay for one time, and some programs arrange for recurring payments. It depends on the program terms. 

promote digital marketing platforms in affiliate marketing
Promote Digital Marketing Platforms In Affiliate Marketing

Yet, some programs allow you to earn even more than what the standard rate in the market is. For example, with PromoNavi’s two-tier affiliate program, you qualify for as high as 50% of each subscription sale. On top of that, you are also eligible for 30% of the sub-affiliate sales. As the name suggests, you get commissions on sub-affiliate sales when your affiliate attracts sub-affiliates. 

To start earning, you should create the PromoNavi account and copy the affiliate program promo code. It does not ask for sign-up fees, nor is there any sales threshold to cross to start earning commissions. 

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  • You don’t need to invest any money.
  • You can build a sustainable stream of earnings if you choose platforms that pay recurring commissions.
  • You do not need to invest time or money in building marketing collateral. The platform will equip you with promo materials helping you attract users.
  • Connecting to platforms such as PromoNavi that offer affiliate promo codes with no expiry saves you from cases where the cookies’ lifetime is too low.

Here are 12 of the best PPC affiliate programs on the market. 


  • You won’t earn this way if you don’t have some experience in affiliate marketing or do not own a website or another channel to promote products.
  • Some platforms come with limited promotional channels.

Earn Money with Advertising Networks

Earning on Google Adsense and other advertising networks is as simple as placing a code on your website and start showing ads. However, not all advertising networks are similarly convenient or beneficial to work with. If you have a website that is already receiving traffic, opt for risk-averse programs offered by Google or any other well-known company. 

advertise networks and make money
Advertise Networks and Make Money

For increased demand, these advertising networks are not easy to get approval. The standard earning from these platforms ranges between 15 and 30 cents on average per click. But the earning may go up to $3-5 per click if the advertising company belongs to the profitable league of web hosting, insurance, and affiliate marketing. 

Using websites like Media.net, where you should write about in-demand topics like personal finance and credit cards, will earn you a revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) of around $10. The site Ezoic does even better with $15. Other than these two, you can also go for options like Mediavine, AdThrive, Skimlinks, Propeller Ads, etc.


  • Deploying this strategy requires no complicated actions to start earning money.
  • You do not need to have a substantial volume of experience to start making money this way.
  • With significant traffic coming to your site, there is a healthy scope of proportionally high income. 


  • This strategy does not work well when you have a website with less than 400-500 visitors per day.
  • You cannot get a payout in Google Ads unless you cross $100. You will face these limitations with similar platforms.
  • Having loads of ads on your website to increase revenue is not a healthy way to run your content. A website loaded with advertisements distracts the website visitors from your main content. It may also lead to an increase in bounce rate. 

Make Money by Writing Expert Content

You can earn by creating quality content and writing articles for a fee or a percentage of the ad revenue for every unique individual that clicks on it. It is similar to a marketing and sales role. Here the content you create is your marketing collateral. You are using it to drive traffic to the client’s website. 

write expert content & make money
Write Expert Content & Make Money

The rate that you charge for each article varies with your experience and grows with your portfolio. As per estimates, the average rate that is prevalent in the pay-per-click niche is somewhere between $0.05 and $0.15. Thus, an experienced writer with a robust portfolio can earn anywhere between $300 and $500 per article. 


  • Earning by writing articles gives you independence and lets you choose the company you work for.
  • The work offers creative satisfaction.
  • By writing articles or creating content, you gain first-hand experience as a PPC professional.


  • The earning potential is limited until you become a known and experienced writer.
  • The platforms that work on a flat fee model are not very profitable.
  • Since you require an investment of quality time and effort for each article, it is hard to scale up. There is a limit to the time you can work each day.

Earn Through Starting Your Marketing Courses

If you have gained knowledge and acquired the necessary skills in PPC marketing, you can create your PPC courses. With streamlined and robust courses, you can charge anywhere between $400 and $1,000 for each person who signs up. 

start your marketing course
Start Your Marketing Course

It is quite obvious that your earning will increase proportionately to your reputation. 


  • The possibility of earning a significant amount on regular and recurring intervals is quite high by this route.
  • Scaling up the business is easier by attracting new students and new courses. 


  • It takes time to build a reputation and win trust in the market.
  • Creating courses and promoting them to your potential learner-base takes time and investment.

Earn by Creating Landing Pages for Your Clients

You can earn by excelling in creating high-conversion landing pages for PPC advertisers. Landing pages are a crucial part of PPC advertising since it is not solely about the correct campaign settings.

create a landing page for clients
Create a Landing Page for Clients

A seamless working-together of the landing page and advertisement fetch the best result. It gives rise to the billable service of creating landing pages. 


  • You do not need to be a highly experienced web developer. There are landing page constructor tools like Unbounce, Hubspot, Landpages, and Instapage that you can leverage to get the work done.
  • You can earn anywhere between $25 and $100 per landing page, depending on the quality of the landing page you offer. 


  • It takes time to build traction for your service in the market.
  • Dealing with complex landing pages often requires a high level of experience. 


In conclusion, we can say that some of the ways to make money need more time and active efforts while others, such as affiliate programs, can become a source of passive income. Regardless, a PPC marketer has a wide range of opportunities to earn additional money to the flat fee that he or she is earning.

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