What Are The Best Tools To Help Find People?     

Friday, 26 February 2021

What Are The Best Tools To Help Find People?     

Posted by Madhu Gupta

The best people finders and search engines make it easy and simple to find someone and verify their identity. Conventional search engines aren't that good at finding people. They can lead you to someone's public profile or site, but they tend to fall short of revealing their location, who they live with, or what they're doing. 

A people search tool is an excellent option if you're trying to track down a relative or an old friend. It will help you see if someone you just met is who they say they are.

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Best Tools to Help Find People

Here's our list of the best tools to help you find or learn more about a special someone. You can check out UnMask for more information about people searches and finders.

1. Intelius

Intelius displays information in a new and unique way: a spidery graph, which makes the connections between various people in a report obvious to grasp. The additional information is very helpful too. 


For example, educational history will help you find someone. If you sign up for the Premier Plus option, you can carry out monthly and unlimited searches. This means you can look up phone numbers or names as frequently as you'd like.

The tool has a half-price promotion off the first month, making it more accessible and affordable.

2. Check People

Check People lets you find people by address, phone number, or name. The first few searches only cost a dollar, and their degree of detail is very high compared to the vast majority of people's search engines. 

check people

You will receive access to the person's landline or mobile number, current and previous addresses, age, relatives, aliases, email addresses, and possible associates. If there are many matches, you can use the site's filter to narrow the search results down.

3. BeenVerified

BeenVerified offers some unusual ways to search for someone, such as by car details. It covers all basic search options and can search employment history too. Unfortunately, there's no individual reporting option. You get unlimited reports if you choose a monthly subscription.


There are two subscription options: month by month or a three-month subscription. Of course, the latter is cheaper. With both, you get access to a large amount of information, including basic personal details, criminal history, social media accounts, and property records.

Among the unique avenues BeenVerified lets you explore searching for property in your name that you might not be aware existed. 

4. TruthFinder

This tool can extract information from criminal records, social media, and other sources. The searches cover private as well as public databases. The reverse phone number lookup feature will generate a full report on a mysterious caller, going above and beyond basic personal info. TruthFinder's self-monitoring tools allow users to see what other people could find about them.


Another forte of TruthFinder includes an intuitive, visually appealing interface. In general, this people finder is highly recommended by experts. On the downside, the service is not cheap, but you can rest assured you're getting top-quality results. The monthly subscription is more affordable than the one-time search option.

Final Thoughts

There are as many people finders out there as reasons to want to track someone down, so our list is far from exhaustive. What's more, the services available come with great variation. Some will tell you about a person's assets and commercial interests. Others will include someone's education but not their employment history. Still, others will include social media. You need to use a background check service if you're interested in verifying your employment history. 


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