6 Ultimate Ways to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Friday, 5 February 2021

6 Ultimate Ways to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Even after designing the best possible application of your respective niche, a low app downloading rate by customers can undoubtedly be disheartening. But remember that you are not the only developer to face such a problem. This is an issue faced by almost every app developer in their newly budding carrier. Therefore, it is absolutely common to look for methods to increase mobile app downloads. 

Go through the latest statistical figures of several app stores. You can easily notice that millions of applications are already in existence, covering almost every niche, thus flooding choices or preferences for users. In such a condition, to face a low app downloading rate is an obvious problem. 


In this article, we will disclose a few easy methods that would help you increase mobile app downloads for your product application in no time. However, it is worthy to note that all these methods would go lame in poor app quality. So, make sure that your product is really user friendly, useful, and effective.

increase your mobile app downloads


Following is a list of such methods:


1. Effective App Store Optimization (ASO)

2. Periodic updates

3. Cost-free application

4. Effective promotion 

5. Catchy name and logo

6. Positive reviews

6 Ultimate Ways to Increase Mobile App Downloads


Let's discuss each of these methods in detail and understand them better to increase mobile app downloads for your product application.


Effective App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization or ASO is a technique that helps in constructively optimizing or modifying your application to make it more user friendly and effective. It is used by developers all over the globe. It helps by providing better ranking at app stores, improving product application quality, increasing organic traffic, etc. Thus, you can use it to increase mobile app downloads too. 

app store optimization tips

Many guiding web pages are already available on the internet to help you implement effective ASO in your application. Here, we have enlisted only a few of ASO factors:

  • Use a proper title and description for your application.
  • Add real-time screenshots of your application running on several devices.
  • Add relevant keywords.
  • Construct backlinks for your application

These were some of the ASO techniques that can increase mobile app downloads for your application.


Periodic Updates

This is another method that can increase mobile app downloads for your application. Being a developer, you must be aware of the evolution thumb rule that is. There is always some scope for improvement in this imperfect world. Therefore, keep updating your product application with new features to meet the demands of your customers. 

This is where you can make a difference and even outrage your competitors. It is easy to observe that users switch to another application if they do not meet their demands. Thus, updates are a remarkable factor for any application.


Cost Free Application

It is easy to observe that users have a certain drifting attitude towards free applications. Today, when so many options are available and too free of cost, people will certainly find it difficult to spend even a penny on some other product. Thus, it is suggested to provide a quality product to your customers at a low or no cost (at least at an initial level).

pros and cons of free apps

If your product is good, then you will attract a huge chunk of traffic towards your product. However, you can lock some extra features for paid users to maintain your profit margin parallel, as well.

This fix will increase mobile app downloads for your application if your product is reliable.


Effective Promotion 

To drag a good amount of online traffic, effective promotion is a must. Promotion in your personal and public space will be effective. Keyapp.top is an application that aims at promoting various applications. It is a highly reliable brand that can well promote your product application. Keyapp provides paid app installs that can increase the ranking of your product application and, thus, increase mobile app downloads for the same as well.

KeyApp Top

It is important to note that one of the reasons for your product reporting low or no traffic can be a low promotion of your product. Thus, by promoting, you increase the reach of customers for your product application. Also, in the era of millions of options available for users, it is important to highlight your product application in the eyes of users. This is one of the best fixes for those suffering from low downloads rate for their respective product. 


Catchy Name and Logo

Catchy names and logos of applications can also help in dragging the traffic. It is suggested to always design an application with some catchy name that is unique and different at the same time. Such names are easy to remember as they sketch certain remarks on the minds of users/viewers. Thus, instigates them to view or use the application, which ultimately leads to an increase in mobile app downloads.


Similar is for logo designing. Try using a different and unique logo for your product. A logo and name are the only factors through which users refer to or recognize your product. So, it is wise to be unique in such aspects. Just as you take time to come up with a cool whatsapp group name, think about a creative name for your app.


Positive Reviews

To increase mobile app downloads for your product application, emphasize the feedbacks or the reviews provided by the customers. If you are getting positive reviews for your product application, then you can easily get a sharp rise in your ranking.

positive reviews

Usually, every app store provides a review section for users to rate and comment, so you need not put in any extra effort into this. All you need to do is to create a quality product and collect positive reviews. Also, this will boost up your morale in developing even better products for your customers ahead. 


These were a few methods to increase mobile app downloads for applications. They will help you to improve your rating and ranking on your respective application store if used wisely. However, as we have already mentioned, these methods can work as a catalyst in improving your download rate only if your product application is a quality product of your niche. 


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