Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Build a Strong Online Presence

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Build a Strong Online Presence

Posted by Madhu Gupta

The digital world provides dozens of cost-effective opportunities for promoting a brand, building a community of loyal fans and clients, and increasing brand awareness both locally and outside the local market. 

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A strong online presence can make the difference between surviving and thriving for a professional or a business owner. Being present on the internet does not seem difficult initially, but digital marketing is a complex area to navigate due to its many intricacies. 

Top Digital Marketing Strategies

Are you looking to grow your business' online presence? In this article, you’ll discover some top digital marketing strategies that will help you become more visible and appealing to potential clients

1. Build a Virtual Home 

Depending on the type of services or products you offer, you may be able to add your business to specific listing directories. But you cannot control all the information on these external platforms, so you need to have a virtual address of your own, where potential customers or clients can find detailed information about you, expressed in your terms.

website as your virtual home

The only way to achieve this is to build a website for your business. A website can be your virtual home where people can learn about your background, contact you for details, and even make direct purchases. 

2. Invest on Website Creation

A great website can help you build a strong online presence, gain people’s trust, and expand your reputation. Conversely, a poorly-built website can make visitors doubt your professionalism and even wonder how genuine your business is.

website creation

What constitutes a great website? A website is great if it has an attractive design, a user-friendly interface, and contains all the information that a potential visitor needs to know. You can also use your website as a direct sale or booking platform. To get excellent results with this strategy, hire a qualified software developer who understands the importance of high-quality design.  

3. Get SEO Expertise 

Unfortunately, having an attractive website is not enough for building a strong presence in the digital world. Without actively trying to bring people to your website, it isn’t easy to get any significant traffic spike. Millions of websites fight to appear first on Google and other major search engines. Yet, only search engine algorithms decide which sites have more authority than others and deserve to appear first on the results page. 

Since many people who search for a product or a service only check the first few results, your website must rank better than your competitors’ sites to get visitors. This has major implications in terms of client acquisition, so you need to improve your site’s ranking by using a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. 

SEO expertise

Not only that SEO includes a wide range of actions, but it requires specialized knowledge and accurate analysis of quantitative data. Without prior experience, it’s almost impossible to implement effective SEO practices. Considering the fierce competition online, only SEO experts can develop a powerful strategy that works for your business. Get SEO services in Portland, Oregon, right now to draw more attention to your business.  

4. Be Active on Social Media 

Many people are active on at least one or two major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Social media platforms are useful if you want to interact with potential clients, create a community, share valuable industry information, or provide updates regarding your business operations. 

To have a strong online presence, it’s not enough to create accounts on these popular platforms. You also have to stay active with relevant, attractive content and publish it at appropriate times when people are more likely to engage. 

increase social media presence

Attracting people’s attention on the internet is difficult, so posting content without a clear strategy will not yield significant results. Decide which type of content your audience is most likely to respond to, and create a consistent schedule for sharing and promoting engaging content. Social media prioritizes visual content, so focus on info charts, graphics, videos, and relevant images that can spark interest quickly. 

If you deem written content more suitable for your brand’s identity, use short, concise sentences to deliver your messages; avoid industry jargon.  

Final Words

Building a strong presence on the web should be a top priority when it comes to marketing efforts. Use the strategies above to reach more people and convince them of the quality of your services or products. If clients don’t feel that they can reach you quickly and get all the information they need about you with a few clicks, they will seek your competitors. 

Present yourself to potential clients in an appealing, professional manner, and you’ll see returns in terms of client acquisition and revenue. Good Luck in getting a good digital marketing certification thereafter! That will surely help your online presence boom.


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