7 Best Live TV Streaming Services in 2022

Monday, 27 July 2020

7 Best Live TV Streaming Services in 2022

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Live TV streaming is one of the greatest achievements of this era since it has brought entertainment to a click. Due to this feature, we need not wait for TV, home cable connection as everything is available directly on our smartphones or tablets via an internet connection. Many applications provide live TV streaming—apps like these broadcast most of the channels of Television along with some extras unique to the application. 

We can say that we all have our entertainment system in our pockets, which can serve anytime and anywhere since this entertainment industry is moving through a revolutionary stage where everything is being personalized accessible. In this article, we shall discuss the 7 best Live TV streaming services.

Which Services are the Best for Live TV streaming?

Those applications that can provide you with quality content at a pocket-friendly rate is usually considered the best TV streaming service provider. In this article, we have enlisted 7 best Live TV streaming services such that you can easily choose the best service provider as per your needs and ease.

YouTube TV

When it comes to live TV streaming service providers, then nothing can replace YouTube TV. It is the most used and known live TV streaming service provider. It provides streaming of major local channels of different countries. It offers a wide range of channels (approximately 85), which makes it unique and first preferred amongst its users. 

Besides, YouTube TV is also wrapped with the latest technological features that make it user friendly. It has features such as recording and clouding of the streaming content. It is the features of YouTube TV that make it the first choice of its users besides being one of the most expensive live TV streaming service providers.


FuboTV is another well known live TV streaming service provider. This platform is best for sports lovers as it has Mai emphasis on sports channels. FuboTv is available at a subscription rate of $54.99 per month, which is its standard price and may vary as per other premium plans. Along with a particular emphasis on sports channels, it provides news and entertainment channels as well. 

Clouding and DVR of content are available for premium members. Last but not least is the package sharing feature amongst the family, which is worth mentioning. Thus, you can go for this TV streaming also since it is one of the best live TV streaming services available in the industry. As an alternative you can also opt for spectrum silver package from LocalCableDeals.


SlingTV is another live TV streaming service appreciated by users around the globe. This is the best platform for users with a low budget. SlingTV provides the best package at an extremely reasonable price. Unlike others, it provides streaming on the internet even without cable cord, which makes it unique and preferred. 

To start with SlingTV, you can use any suitable media streamer or SlingTV app on your device. It has two different types of subscription plans depending upon the interest of users, such as sports, news, etc. Thus, to supplement the cable cord, SlingTV is best for TV streaming service.


Hulu is also one of the top live TV streaming service providers. Hulu provides more than 65 channels along with on-demand channels. It is well known for its premium quality services and useful content. Hulu has a wide range of channels that streams content for every age group. 

Parental control is also one of the worth mentioning features of Hulu. It can be subscribed for $54.99 as a standard package with unlimited screening. Also, Hulu provides a 7-day trial that allows users to access their service before subscription.


The list of the best live TV streaming service providers can never be complete without a mention of Disney+. It is one of the best online streaming content providers. Disney+ has now evolved into Disney+Hotstar. This means that the platform will now serve adventurous stories along with some drama of Hotstar. You can easily subscribe to Disney+ for $12 per month. 

Besides being pocket friendly, it provides the latest episodes of Hulu, ESPN, etc. Thus, Disney+ offers services for more than one live streamers at the same cost. Its features and unique content have made it one of the top and most appreciated live TV streaming service providers.


It is known for providing the best services at the cheapest possible rate. You can subscribe to PhiloTV by spending only $20 per month. It covers 59 channels with absolutely add free services. PhiloTV is wrapped with the latest technological features such as clouding and DVR for 30 days. 

To access its performance, you can also go for its 7-day trial series. One of the best features of PhiloTV is that it supports 10 profiles per account and can run on three different devices at a time. It provides a premium quality content at such a reasonable price that it is one of the best live TV streaming service providers.


Anybody who loves watching live streaming would be familiar with Netflix. Netflix is one of the fastest-growing live TV streaming service providers which provides premium quality content. It supplies the content of Bollywood, Hollywood, originals, and much more. It is a device-independent application that can run on every live streamer. 

Netflix provides content for every age group. It has a standard plan of Rs 499, which varies as per demands. Besides, Netflix can run on two different devices at the same time. The features provided by Netflix are unique, and thus it is well appreciated by many users all over the world.


This was a list of the 7 best Live TV streaming services that can provide you the best content at a reasonable price. We have mentioned all the necessary details of each live streaming application that will help you to choose the best service provider for you. These are the most appreciated and purchased services for live streaming of TV.


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