6 Best Free Android Apps for SEO [2020 Updated]

Monday, 22 June 2020

6 Best Free Android Apps for SEO [2020 Updated]

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Search Engine Optimization must not be an unfamiliar term for you if you're in the writing industry. It has been the goal of every content creator to have a team of SEO experts to help them with a better SEO score. Some people hire a team themselves, some use online services such as Sirlinksalot products to build it for them, or some others prefer to do it themselves. If you're someone who is willing to do it all by yourself. You know it's difficult to carry your laptop every time. Hence, the SEO services have now been provided over the phone in the name of best Android apps for SEO so that you can work when you need to.

However, there are many applications that are based on the Android platform and claim to be the best free Android apps for SEO. But many lack the essential features even.

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List of The Six Best Free Android Apps for SEO

You can use these Apps for a seamless experience.

1. SE Ranking Pro

In the list of 6 best free Android apps for SEO, SE Ranking Pro holds the first position. This rank tracker mobile is bundled with so many enthralling functions. To mention a few of its features, it is best for improving SEO rankings, reviewing and fixing website errors. It also creates a variety of reports, etc. SE Ranking Pro management tools allow users to discover and monitor all backlinks smoothly. 
SE Ranking Pro

You can easily log in to the app with your credentials without any hassle to check the SEO of the posts. This application also provides you with a past history of the posts. And how you've managed to improve on the SEO score. A comprehensive report is generated on a single tap and is downloaded on the internal storage of your android device. You can analyze the report manually to get a clue of where your posts require improvements. The UI of this software is so beautifully designed that you won't feel bored while working on it. In case you are passionate about photography, you can now click professional pictures from Android. Enjoy your time!

2. SEO Backlinks

This is second among the 6 best free Android apps for SEO. After meddling up with this app for a duration of three or four weeks. Now, you would start noticing developments in search engine rankings. SEO Backlinks is basically a link erecting program that helps you continuously build and buy backlinks. 
SEO Backlinks

It also suggests a specific strategy to achieve the best results. Their domain rating and URL rating analytics are beneficial in judging the strength of links. You know that the pages with a higher number of backlinks tend to have higher search engine ranking. SEO Backlinks will help you boost up your SEO score while working on a mobile application. Therefore, we recommend you to use this software for quality backlinks because not all backlinks are equal.

3. SERP Mojo

SERP Mojo is one of the best Android apps for SEO. One needs to focus on Backlinks in order to increase the SERP ranking resulting in improved traffic. Indeed, this program helps you in monitoring the site's SERP rankings even when you don't have your desktop. It is an all-in-one rank monitoring tool for all simple site owners to keep their website's SEO research up to date. 

With SERP Mojo, you can track an unlimited number of URLs and ranking history of unlimited keywords in one place in a short duration of time. On viewing the results, the unique thing users found was that it provides graphs and charts, which helps in better visualization of ranking history. Its intuitive interface allows you to backup or restore your data as often as you want.
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4. Webrank SEO Live

This is one of the real-time tracking Android apps for SEO that finds out where your website stands on Google in no time. This app should be in your smartphones to get a quick insight on a website of your choice in just one click. 
Webrank SEO Live

All you have to do is to just enter the URL name, and the app automatically tracks metrics like Alexa Rankings, Pagerank, the number of backlinks, indexed pages, and even social media interactions such as Facebook likes and Google plus. For competitive website analysis, this program is beneficial as it gives you live statistics. It is a straightforward app on this list, and there is no need to put any extra effort into using it.

5. Sinium SEO

Sinium SEO is an all-rounder SEO toolbox that has fifty-three different tools. It allows you to use several tools at a time. Thus, it serves instant results in less time as tools work quite effectively. It comes under one of the most powerful free SEO apps in the present market.
Sinium SEO

All 53 tools are categorized into five different sections — ranking tools, research tools, off-page SEO, domain tools, and blog or WordPress SEO. Some of the functions that you will find in this app are grammar and malware checking, evaluation of page authority, Alexa ranking, keyword suggestions, etc.

6. Google Analytics

The last android apps for SEO in the list is Google Analytics. It is a web service started by Google in 2005 that helps folks to keep track of website traffic. However, with the Android market growing up in the past few years, it is now available as an android application for the users. 
Google Analytics

Here you will get complete information about the performance of your marketing content and products, etc. So, that you can make the most use of your data for in-depth results. It is a celebrated digital analytics program that provides an in-depth analysis of the visitors on your site.
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This was the list of the best free Android apps for SEO, which can help you to fix your issues related to SEO in your blog posts, articles, etc. These apps provide a seamless user experience and have extensive features which will help both the newbies as well as the professionals in the industry.
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