VideoDuke Review: An All-in-One Mac Video Downloader

Friday, 17 April 2020

VideoDuke Review: An All-in-One Mac Video Downloader

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Video downloaders are software that helps you to download your favorite shows, movies, or any other video from their respective subscription channels. Since it is not possible for everyone to always enjoy their favorite videos while they are streaming online, video downloaders help you to get them collected in your devices and watch them offline. These are quite useful software, as data savers, along with a bulk supply of the latest videos or shows from our favorite channels all in one place. VideoDuke for Mac is one of the best of the software falling in this list, and you will surely be amazed when you get to know of its features.
VideoDuke Video Downloader
VideoDuke Video Downloader

What is VideoDuke Video Downloader?

VideoDuke video downloader is application software that assembles thousands of online video streaming channels on one platform to make it easy for their viewers to enjoy them, with or without an internet connection. They provide users with the latest episodes of not only online shows but also the events of the latest TV shows as well. 

This makes it happen by bringing the best of all channels and streaming applications on a single user-friendly platform. It is a 123movies downloader, that is, you can easily download videos from 123movies. Also, VideoDuke for Mac has one of the best user interfaces among all the software, which makes it a must-have product.

Why VideoDuke?

A common question that needs to be answered is why the users should choose VideoDuke when there are several other products available. The answer lies in the features and user interface. While the other products may or may not provide you with regular features, you might end up paying heavily for particular functions. However, this is not a case with VideoDuke. 

Also, when VideoDuke for Mac provides you with the services of several video streaming websites, there is no reason left for anyone to go for something else. Also, the Download option of VideoDuke is a gluing feature which shall be discussed further.

Features of VideoDuke Downloader

VideoDuke player provides many exciting features that make it different from other video downloaders. These features are responsible for its top ranking in the domain. Some of the essential elements that make it different from others are:

Wide Range of Websites Supported

VideoDuke is connected with a large number of websites that are active hosts of fresh videos such as YouTube, Tumblr, Vimeo, Instagram, DailyMotion, etc. You can watch all your favorite shows, anime, even music videos on this website. You can search for videos downloaded from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. in the Downloads section of your system, which will have a VideoDuke tab in it. 

There you'll get these videos as well without even use of a web browser. With the VideoDuke downloader, you can download the subtitles as well, for VideoDuke downloader provides this facility as well.

Audio to Video Converter

Sometimes it happens that you don't wish to see videos and enjoy only the music. In that case, a VideoDuke player is a handy tool. It allows you to convert your video into an audio file of the desired quality and format before downloading it on your device. To save the video into an audio file, you need to follow these steps:
  • Browse for the video in VideoDuke.
  • Open the video file which you want to convert.
  • Look for the audio tab and click on it.
  • Select the desired resolution and then click on the Download option.
This way, you will get an audio file of your video from your desired website. This feature is highly beneficial as it allows you to save your system energy, mobile data, etc. Also, you get a chance to enjoy your audio at excellent quality without the internet.

Easily accessible for Mac users

Here in this application, Mac users can also download videos. This application has been specially designed to support all the systems, including Apple. This makes this application to run in the same way on all the arrangements. Thus, it has the same interface for Mac users as it would for other users. 

All they have to do is to just click on the Search tab and enter the name of the videos they want to watch. The search bar works as a web browsing tool as well, although only for music and videos. Also, the Bookmark feature provides easy access to the favorite music of the users so that they can easily find them the next time.

Simple User Interface

VideoDuke Downloader provides one of the best features of having a way of accessibility to the latest video streaming applications directly on the home screen of VideoDuke downloader. You want to view a video, go ahead and search for it. The video will show up irrespective of what platform it was uploaded or streamed on. 

With that video, you can easily extract audio, manage them as a playlist, and even store the music as MP3 files for future offline use. Even Download history can be visited to keep track of your downloaded music. All such features are available at a single click.

Mode Changing is Easy

VideoDuke Downloader provides two modes of software for its users — Simple and Advanced.

The first mode is the simple model in which good quality videos are available, but documents related to them are not available. This means you can enjoy the videos, but you won't get extra information about the source, time, etc. of the video.

The second mode is the Advanced Mode, in which the user can download documents related to the video. Also, if due to any reason subtitles are not available from the source site, then you can get it quickly on VideoDuke. Also, the advanced mode of VideoDuke provides you with a broader range of downloading options for the videos.

Subscription Plan

Before subscribing to any plan, VideoDuke provides you with a demo download of two videos. VideoDuke has its subscription plans in two categories — Individual and Family.

The individual pack is available for $19.95. In this plan, the users subscribe as different users to get all facilities of the software. 
A family pack is available for multiple users connected. The price for this pack is $39.95, and it supports up to 3 Macs. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that these prices are negotiable depending on the VAT imposed by the country. Besides these, there are additional support plans as well, such as:
  • Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee which costs $9.95
  • Urgent Support Plan, which costs $15.00 per year.


This was a comprehensive review of VideoDuke software that would give you an insight into the software. This software is rated five stars by many users and is a highly secure software without any breaches of security. Hence, you can be assured of your data safety and enjoy the services at a reasonable price using VideoDuke.


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