Why Investing in AWS Certification and Training is Good for your Business

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Why Investing in AWS Certification and Training is Good for your Business

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Revenue of AWS (Amazon Web Services) had an overall growth of 24% and continues to grow faster than its parent company Amazon, as reported by CNBC. AWS has been providing most of Amazon's operating income for the past four years. Started in 2006, AWS stays ahead of its competitors Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, IBM, and Oracle. 

It delivered 71% of Amazon's total operating income, and total revenue had a 13% contribution of AWS. It has become a highly successful company with a $10 billion run rate. It has garnered more than 30% of the cloud infrastructure market, according to data from Synergy Research.

AWS Certifications

Founded in 2006, AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides cloud computing platforms and APIs(Application Programming Interface) to companies, governments, individuals on demand. AWS is an IT Service management company. It is a broadly adopted cloud platform that offers over 175 services that are fully featured from data centers worldwide. 

To minimize the costs, grow faster, and become more agile and innovative, a vast number of companies, startups, and governmental agencies are using AWS.

AWS Certification demonstrates the cloud expertise of an IT professional that attains by passing one or more exams that are offered by a public cloud provider. An AWS certificate validates the knowledge and skills of an IT professional regarding the cloud.

There are different certification exams provided by AWS for cloud engineers, administrators, and architects. AWS certification is valid for two years, and you can retake the exam to get recertified.

4 different certifications are grouped into four main paths

Here are four essential certifications to require. 

Cloud Practitioner

It is meant for individuals who wish to build and validate overall knowledge of the AWS cloud. It crafts for individuals in technical, sales, purchase, managerial or financial roles with the AWS cloud.


Crafted for the solution design engineer, solution architect, and the candidates who wish to learn design applications and systems on AWS.
  • The two subpaths are
  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.
  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional.


Crafted for software developers who wish to learn the process involved in the development of cloud applications on AWS.
  • The two subpaths are:
  1. AWS Certified Developer - Associate.
  2. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional.


The two subpaths crafted for sysops administrators, system administrators, and the candidates in DevOps role who wish to learn the process involved in the creation of automotive and iterative deployment of applications, systems, and networks on AWS platform.
  1. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate.
  2. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional.
Apart from these certifications, there are specialty certifications too. Those are:
  1. AWS Certified Big Data- Speciality
  2. AWS Certified Advanced Networking- Speciality
  3. AWS Certified Security- Speciality
  4. AWS Certified Machine Learning- Speciality
  5. AWS Certified Alexa Skill Building - Speciality
AWS Certifications
AWS Certifications

Why AWS?

AWS has the largest community of customers and partners globally and that too of all sizes, including startups, enterprises, and public sector organizations. Moreover, AWS offers the most number of services and features within those services than any other cloud provider. AWS is suitable to be the most flexible and most secure cloud computing environment. You can accelerate the pace of innovation and transform your business by inventing new technologies and applications.

Benefits of Getting AWS Certified

To transform your business, you need modern technologies and the cloud. The best way to bring the transformation is to leverage the darkness and technology. One can achieve this by training your existing staff to develop those skills. This lets you attain your business goals sooner, and you stay confident that your company is utilizing the cloud to the fullest.

Stephan Orban wrote that "everyone you need to move forward with the cloud is already there; you just have to enable them."
Training current employees can save time and money related to the recruitment of new employees. 

Also, they can leverage their fundamental IT skills to get the transition to cloud roles. Investing in training your staff allows them to use the cloud better to accomplish the business goals more effectively. Training helps candidates understand the dust and its usage in-depth as well as provide your staff with a common language so that they can work together for a common goal effectively.

A trained AWS professional will find out the services and solutions required much faster, eventually developing better solutions for your customers. Through training, they learn how to manage, operate, and execute applications using the AWS platform.
If you need more experienced professionals in the cloud platform, getting them certified is the best option. 

You can encourage your staff to get approved to develop the skills that are required to leverage the AWS platform. You can validate the knowledge of your team regarding the cloud via the various certifications offered by AWS.

It doesn't depend on what kind of training you prefer. Whether it is self-guided or instructor-led, in person or online, AWS in any way suits your organization. AWS Training is available globally in eight different languages through AWS and APN Partner Training network. It implies that training is not a matter of your location, and you can use your local language and customs.

Over to You

For making a move to the cloud, AWS Training and Certification can prepare your staff as it does not just train them, it builds knowledge and awareness of your team. AWS certified staff lets your company accomplish your goals faster with less investment. 

Investing in AWS training and certification is undoubtedly worth transforming. There are a lot of online courses available that prepare you thoroughly to take the exam. These courses help you learn at your own pace, and you don't need to care about the arrangement of study material. There are video sessions that meant to clarify your doubts and let you start building your learning strategy.


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