MacDroid Review: An All-in-One Android File Transfer for MacOS

Friday, 28 February 2020

MacDroid Review: An All-in-One Android File Transfer for MacOS

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Are you sweating over transferring data between an Android device and your beloved Mac? Fret not; help is right at hand. Owning an Android and a Mac is, well, in my opinion, quite an unusual combination, and Apple's bad reputation in interoperability doesn't help you even a bit.

To solve all your problems, I have a magic wand - MacDroid. MacDroid justifies its name as it provides seamless connectivity between Mac and Android. And guess what? All you need is a USB cable! Easy, right?

MacDroid - A Solution to Your Problem

It is well known that Android and macOS cannot work in sync without an interface that would assist in establishing smooth, two-way connectivity between the two systems while ensuring security. Mac users are often heard complaining about how hard it is to connect other devices with their mac pc.

Although it is possible to connect an Android to a Mac, the process is very complex and time-consuming. MacDroid does just that, without any hassle!

After a one-tap download and a guided installation, you'd be ready to transfer files and do cool stuff! The least of which is the clutter-free, user-friendly interface of the application, which is so intuitive that you'd spend no time understanding it. You have to connect your android device with your Mac using a USB cable, and you are set to go. 

MacDroid Features

As the official website claims, MacDroid can access both the internal and external storage of Android, which means you can also look into the SD card of your phone from the Mac itself. Your device would be mounted on Mac, just like a disk. 

The Finder app can easily access the photos from your Android gallery. The drag-and-drop feature even allows you to organize them into folders in your Mac. 
Not only that, but it also allows you to edit photographs on the go from your Mac. You no longer need to copy your photos from your Android to your Mac, edit them and copy them back again. 

Neat, isn't it? And the music in your Mac that you occasionally groove to, can be taken into your phone as and when required. (Yahoo, party time!) Missing the web-series you downloaded last weekend while on the train? Likewise, you can play the music that's on your phone directly on the Mac without the need to transfer them.

You can carry your movies on your phone, having previously transferred them with our friend MacDroid. Need to format your phone and want to backup files quickly on your Mac? MacDroid is there to help you out.

Here comes the coolest part: you can edit Android files directly from your Mac with MacDroid, without having to transfer them to your computer! Yes, it's true! Moreover, you are free to choose any application of your choice for editing them.

Different Modes

MacDroid offers connection via two modes:
  1. ADB mode, which is multi-threaded, and hence provides faster file transfer and convenient management.  
  2. MTP mode, which is an easier way to connect, and provides support for other compatible devices apart from Android as well. However, it is single-threaded. 
You can visualize the entire hierarchical architecture (folder structure) of your device from your Mac. It would help you to organize your media optimally. 

Moreover, you can take an occasional backup of your phone into your computer, so that critical data is not lost in case your phone is misplaced. A great fact about MacDroid is that not only does MacDroid support all Android and MTP devices, it also provides a platform with good transfer speed. 

One has to commend Electronic Team on the great work that they have done on the app. Although MacDroid faces competition from apps such as SyncMate and Android File Transfer for Mac by Google, it stands out prominently. The fast and safe transfer mechanism and crisp and easy to use UI make MacDroid a standout choice.


MacDroid offers two versions: a free one and a Pro version. The free version offers most of the earlier mentioned features but allows only one-way traffic from Android to Mac. It does not permit the transfer of files for Mac to Android. Also, the free version doesn't have provisions for automatic updates and customer support. 

The PRO version offers a complete experience with support for file transfer both ways. It is regularly updated consistently and has customer support. Also, it allows the software to be used on up to 5 macs. 

However, it has to be billed annually with a subscription fee of $19.99.So what are you waiting for? Grab your premium subscription for $19.99 per year. It can't get cheaper than this! And you also get a 7-day free trial to test out the features exclusively.

  1. A good stable platform for connectivity between Android and Mac.
  2. Efficient and fast transfer of files.
  3. Supports all Android Devices.
  4. It allows the transfer of both files and media.
  5. It doesn't need any additional plugins or extensions.
  6. One can edit Android files on Mac without moving them to the computer.
  7. It allows you to mount both internal and external storage.


  1. The free version allows only one-way transfer - from Android to Mac.
  2. The PRO version is expensive.


Having used the app and tested similar apps, I deeply favor MacDroid over the others. My experience with MacDroid has been very smooth and fulfilling without having experienced anything that can form negative opinions about it. To all those reading this, I would recommend this app, and I am certain that it would not fail you. 

I hope that this review has brought you quite far from wondering how to transfer files between Mac and Android. I would also recommend to try out the PRO version as it offers a much better experience. If anything can revolutionize connectivity between Android and Mac, it's MacDroid.


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