5 Best Bitcoin Apps for iOS in 2020

Monday, 13 January 2020

5 Best Bitcoin Apps for iOS in 2020

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Bitcoin wallets that have been specially designed for the iOS are being used by the owners of iPhones to store their Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency. In the Bitcoin wallets that are designed for iOS, many are such that they do not require you to lock your key with the Bitcoin wallet itself, something that allows more autonomy and security to the user. 

On some other types of Bitcoin wallets that are available for iOS devices, you can store your private keys and can use them whenever they are required. Also, find the underground opportunity with Crypto Genisus and earn more.

Top 5 Bitcoin Apps for iOS

According to experts, the best Bitcoin wallet for your iOS device has to be the one that can provide you the highest degree of autonomy, safety along with the seemingly high amount of satisfactory experience.

1. Co Pay

BitPay is a trendy name when it comes to the securing and authentication of Bitcoin wallet appsOne of the apps which have gained popularity and is also powered by Bitpay is the Co Pay Bitcoin wallet for iOS devices. Co Pay has been popular ever since Bitcoins and the Bitcoin wallets have gained popularity on iPhones.

People have reported satisfactory and easy user experiences with the Co Pay Bitcoin wallet. Unlike many other wallets that have started the induction of other types of cryptocurrencies as well, Co Pay has forever been a Bitcoin-specific wallet, and it has centered its services on the storage and exchange of Bitcoins only.

2. Edge Wallet

When it comes to bitcoin wallets available for iOS devices, then the most popular name is of Edge wallet. Edge Wallet has gained popularity because it has all the required characteristics of a successful Bitcoin wallet. 

The first among these is that the Edge wallet is an HD wallet that has excellent user-friendliness. It is effortless to set up an account on the Edge wallet so that it can be accessed by the people who are beginners in the usage of cryptocurrency. 
Apart from this, the security aspect offered by the Edge wallet is also exceedingly useful. The Wallet requires a two-factor authentication every time the user is willing to process a transaction, thereby making the transactions more secure. 

Edge Wallet has been available on iOS for a long time now, and the designers of the Wallet have included many variations and updates from time to time in the basic structure of the Wallet.

3. Enjin Wallet

The Enjin wallet is a very reliable name when it comes to mobile wallets for cryptocurrencies on iOS devices. The Enjin wallet does not only support Bitcoins but even other forms of cryptocurrency like ERC20 tokens, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Apart from its popularity and reliability, the other factor that makes the Enjin wallet a total winner is the security that it provides with every transaction. Along with two-factor authentication, it’s additional security measures make the Wallet very protected and secure. 
The Enjin Wallet is said to be an HD wallet, which means hierarchical deterministic. The makers of the wallet claim to be providing maximum security to any vulnerabilities. The reach of the Wallet has been increased over the years as it has been introduced on both Android as well as iOS devices.

4. Bread Wallet

Bread wallet is the most commonly installed and used Bitcoin wallet by iOS users. It has been one of the oldest Bitcoin wallets that were available on the iOS devices and is probably the only Wallet on iOS today, which has not had a history of a very significant hack. 
Bread wallet has also gained popularity among the users who are using Bitcoin Wallets on Android devices. For the iOS users, the Bread wallet has always been the choice of Bitcoin wallet because of its all-in-one approach. The makers of the Bread wallet have always emphasized on updates that have enhanced both security and autonomy of the user while handling Bitcoins with the app. 

As an icing on the cake, recently Bread wallet has been ranked very high when it comes to user-friendliness and ease of access. As far as data is concerned, the Bread wallet has also started a new feature of backup and restore for the lost data regarding the transactions that you have made through the Wallet earlier.

5. Coinbase

Coinbase has been a reasonably old firm operating in the Bitcoin business. Coinbase has its headquarters located in the San Francisco city of the United States of America. Coinbase had started its Bitcoin wallet way back in 2012. Today, IOS users prefer Coinbase for the storage and exchange of Bitcoins. 
Over the years, Coinbase has added many updates to its regular Bitcoin wallet, which has catered to the varying needs of both traders as well as the community of the regular Bitcoin users.

Apart from having the usual features of sending and receiving Bitcoins, Coinbase has also focused on enhancing security measures for the Wallet. The organization claims to have Bank-level security for its mobile Bitcoin wallet.

Final Words

So, this was a comprehensive list of the top 5 Bitcoin wallets that are available today on iOS devices Seeing the trends with the price or the value of the Bitcoins today, it can be suggested that cryptocurrency will be holding a larger share of the total currency that is being used in the world in the future, and you can seriously think of getting your hands on it soon.


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