7 Best Software Testing Courses for Both Beginners & Expert

Saturday, 14 December 2019

7 Best Software Testing Courses for Both Beginners & Expert

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Everything worked in the field of technology begins with software. Going forward on the principle of ease, intuitiveness, authenticity, and dependable technology, the world with technology is a rapidly growing market-place. Here, minute negligence might result in something chaotic.
The software needs requirements for testing its proper work function. It is essential to prevent bugs and to ensure thoroughly that the product meets the requirements and produces the results which are aimed. Elimination of weaknesses in software development and to give the user the premier user exposure is the main target of a software tester.

As put up by Forbes, Software Quality Assurance Engineer is ranked as one of the best pocket filling jobs in the United States. Approximately there are 233,000 Software Quality Assurance Engineers currently working at different levels. 

Top 7 Software Testing Courses for Both Beginners & Expert

Starting paycheque for a graduate-level software testing employee is in the range of $20,000 to $26,000. So here, we have a complete list of 7 of the Best Software Testing Courses for Both Beginners & Expert.

1. Amazon Web Services Software Testing

AWS is one of the most prominent names in the field of Software Testing. Powered on the platform Udacity, AWS is one prior experience for your software testing course. It has a timeline of 1 Month for the course, which can give you the intermediate skill level knowledge. AWS software testing helps you to get the prime knowledge to catch bugs, loopholes, and bring a more compact form of software.
The perks of AWS include self-paced learning added with constant assessments and the most interactive quizzes you'll find. You will get the teaching experience under Sean Bennett and John Regehr, who is appointed as the main head in the AWS Software Testing Course. Upon successful certification, you can start working in a top tier software testing company such as QAwerk.

2. International Software Testing Qualifications Board ( ISTQB)

The ISTQB was founded in Edinburgh in 2002 and is now one of the most areas covering software testing sources in the world. It operates internationally, providing different courses to the students studying worldwide. The qualifications of the course are based on the syllabus of your type, of course, and there is increasing order of qualifications and guidelines for examination and accreditation. 

ISTQB has more than 500,000 certifications issued until now, and it consists of 58 member boards worldwide, combining to represent 81 countries. The certifications are valid for life, which differentiates from the Foundation Level to the Advanced or Expertise Level.

3. University of Maryland Software Testing Management

The University Of Maryland Focuses on the assuring nature of Software Testing. Providing quality software Testers, the University Of Maryland is powered on the edX platform. It has a timeline of 8 weeks, with 8 to 10 hours a week. The skill level is introductory, which can lengthen if you take extra time on practice tests. 

You will learn about the management aspects of software testing. Along the course, you will learn how to plan successfully, estimate, schedule & document a software testing plan. Analyzing metrics for improvement of the quality of the software it taught. This course also focuses on initiatives and roots developed by experts in the Software Testing Industry.

4. CMC Limited Software Testing Course

A course offered from India, CMC Limited, is a TATA enterprise that offers you a wide range of certified courses on various niches of software development. A leading IT consulting and BPO organization in India powered by a CMMI Level V accreditation, CMC Limited, includes 'Diploma in software testing,' which is considered to be the best of all. 

The course offers primary manual techniques along with automation techniques in your Software Testing Course. The course projects for three months and also helps students to learn without any pre-hand IT knowledge.

5. The University of Virginia Corse For Software Testing with Agile

The course offered by the University of Virginia provides necessary information about the Software Testing Course through Agile. Powered on the platform of Coursera, the course has a length of about three weeks, having 2-4 hours of tutorial classes in a week. 

The course offers an experimental approach to the Agile process. The simplest example of Agile Software is an E-commerce Website, like Amazon or Ali Baba. The course of the University Of Virginia provides the concept and the feature testing purpose of the software. Alex Cowan, a renowned name in the Agile Methodology, has been appointed as the main instructor of the course.

6. Selenium WebDriver Training with Java Basics Software Training Course

Of you know something about Selenium, then you can very much define the best output of this course. Selenium, a Web-based automation tool, is one of the outermost software in the world of web page handling. Selenium automates everything visible to the user present on a Web page. Powered on Udemy, the course period lies in a range of 24 to 27.5 hours, depending upon the initial extra session of Selenium.

The skill level is introductory, but if you move on to the next step, the course offered various programming basics presented by Rahul Arora as your instructor. Through this course, you will learn the basics of other integrated APIs. 

The lectures will give you sessions for the implementation of various frameworks such as Hybrid, Data-driven, and Page Object model. JUnit, TestNG, and Cucumber BDD are some of the other Application programming interfaces which make into the course.

7. Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber for Android and iOS Software Testing

Included with 55+ video lectures and 100% hands-on material, the Mobile Automation Appium Cucumber Course is powered on Udemy. Ruby, Cucumber, and Appium are the hottest tools in the course which you get to see a glimpse of market strategies in the field of Mobile Software Testing. The course also provides learning of Selenium and the set-up of Jenkins Server. 

The period of the course is 7 hours. The main focus of the course is to teach a student the automating process of any Android Application with Appium Software. Added with practice assignments and tutorials, the course is made with the daily up-gradation in the Mobile Software world.


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