4 Top Helpful Websites for Students

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

4 Top Helpful Websites for Students

Posted by Madhu Gupta
A student is always looking for ways to facilitate his/her studies and get the best scores with the optimal resources spent. Nowadays, it is possible thanks to the internet and computers. The mentioned technologies have changed the entire approach to study by making studies more accessible to everybody. 
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And to make your student life more comfortable, here, we have selected for you different types of resources that will help you in different life situations and can serve for different purposes:
  • Some of them will provide you with exciting ideas and will foster your creative thinking to write the best essay;
  • Others will help you with pure technical moments, such as checking grammar, spelling, and similar;
  • And some of them will provide you with an opportunity to get access to the best courses online for free.

Useful Links to Take Ideas From

We would start with the most straightforward option that is nevertheless of the utmost importance: sources, or rather a source, where you can get exciting ideas for your essay, creative presentation, research paper, and so on. 

TEDx provides you with a plethora of videos about all life aspects and situations. There, you can select the videos based on the topic, the popularity level, and so on. You can refer to them directly, or you can see how they get new ideas and some inspiration for your essay.

Useful Resources to Check a Ready Paper

If you have all the necessary writing skills, time, and wish to write your paper on your own, it is perfect. Just write it. And some useful online resources will help you to check if everything is correct there:
  • Grammarly.com will show you your grammatical errors and suggest the right options. Be wise, though; sometimes, even Grammarly can make mistakes. But no doubt, you will find out a lot of exciting things with this resource. If you have doubts about some suggestions, you can do your own research online, which also teaches a lot.
  • Merriam-Webster dictionary online will tell you everything about words, their meanings, their definitions. So, if you want your paper sparkle in bright expressions and uncommon though beautiful phrases, this is the best resource for you. You can even read it, just for fun, when you have time. You will see how rich your vocabulary will become very soon!
  • Owl Purdue Writing Lab is one more useful source, but this time, for such complex and tricky things as citations and citations styles. There, you can find not only the most detailed instructions but citation examples arranged in a step-by-step way. You can follow the described steps to make sure you aren’t going to miss anything.

Useful Resources to Find a Course for Free

Now, there are many sources online that offer courses developed by the leading universities of the world. There, you can get all the needed knowledge for free, and in some cases, you can even request a certificate confirming that you have passed one or another course or graduated from the university. 

Usually, students need to pay for certificates, but the sum is affordable indeed. This initiative makes study accessible to people who otherwise would stay without any education. Moreover, one can study online in one of the leading universities of the world without paying for it and without traveling there and back.

One of the resources that provides these opportunities is edX. Here, you can find courses online provided by the best universities. Everything is free there, and everything is managed by real professionals. So, if you have been dreaming of studying in one of such universities like Stanford, Oxford, and so on, this is the best resource for you. 

All fields are available, so pick up something that really interests you. This is one more advantage of such a resource: you don’t go to study whatever you were qualified for, but you select the course of your interest. And you do not pay for it even a single coin.

Studying became completely different now. Many aspects of the studying process moved online and became fascinating than boring and irritating. Many more resources are available from all around the world.

You can even meet online people who have made a significant input into the field you study! Do not waste these chances; use all the advantages of the web. And if there are too many tasks, on the internet, you can find a reliable writing service provider that is ready to take the most complicated part of your studies.


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