7 Best Moving Apps to Help You Move in 2019

Saturday, 9 November 2019

7 Best Moving Apps to Help You Move in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
In this digital age, with phones in our hands, we want to make our tasks as easy as possible. The world is bustling with information, and this helps us in getting our daily tasks done without actually hitting the road. Finding a home, moving house, planning the move, all are time-consuming and exhausting. However, nowadays, we have resources to make even this task more comfortable with the best moving apps.

Moving apps can help in relieving this anxiety. The moving companies not only run the household packages to a new place but also help in packing them safe for the move. The Most Recommended NYC Movers Flatrate or these moving apps also help in keeping the inventory in check, along with a strict moving plan.

Top 7 Moving Apps for 2019

To help you with your shifting woes here are the 10 best moving apps for 2019

1. Zillow

An essential aspect of moving is to find a place to move. It is a Seattle-based based company that assists its customers from finding a home to moving into a new one. The app helps in finding resources for buyers, renters, and current mortgage rates. 

The app also allows its users to take a stroll through the selected neighborhood virtually. This helps the customers to get to know the area better before making any decision. Thus, helping it cut the best moving app list. 

2. Sortly

The motto is “Feel less burdened,” and this is the feeling that the company strives to give to its customers. Sortly helps in maintaining a moving checklist, which can be updated on the go without any additional cost. 

The app also offers a feature of clicking pictures for creating an inventory. The inventory is very interactive and helps in maintain a record of the packed things and the ones that are out to sell or throw out. The users can customize the list based on their preferences.

3. Wunderlist

Allows its users to create a customized inventory list for moving. An essential feature of this moving app is the sharing of the inventory and to-do lists. 
This moving up also allows us to put reminders, assign tasks to people, add reminders, comments, and notes to the tasks. This helps in simplifying the jobs and makes moving out an easy process. Hence it is one of the best moving apps.

4. Thumbtack

All the inventory in check notes put to the checklist, and tasks assigned to people; it is the time to go on the move. But moving requires one important thing, the movers. Movers are the people who shift their belongings to the new place. Thumbtack moving app offers budget-friendly moving service for moves under 50 miles. 

Thumbtack connects with professionals who make moving -in a more manageable task- from cleaning the house before the move to painting the house, every professional is available. Download the app, and the list of all the nearby professionals pops up. 

5. Move Advisor

The advisor is a brand-new kid on the market. The app is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use. The move advisor has a distinctive timeline with four essential features. The first one is a moving timeline, which helps in creating a detailed checklist every week. 
From picking up a moving date to checking the need of a packer and mover. The next feature involves creating a home inventory. The home inventory tools also notified by email about the list to anyone you prefer- whether a moving company or any other person.

The next step in this process is finding the movers around. The app provides a list of reputed and reliable professionals for the job. Not only does the app help in finding the professionals for moving, but it also helps in getting a quote from packers and movers with no additional charges. The app might be new on the block but is turning out to be one of the best moving apps. 

6. GoShare

Moving app can not only be just used when moving houses. This can even be used to lift heavy equipment, including refrigerators and furniture, even from shops to house. The app serves as the go-to delivery app. 

The app is available on both android and iOS. The app gives the option to choose the delivery date and time, the truck size from large or box trucks. Before the booking is confirmed, the customer gets an estimate of whether the moving cost is worth it or not. 

The moving is tracked over the app, and the payments are also processed through it. Apart from all of this, the app also offers cargo insurance. This cargo insurance makes this app one of the best moving apps available today.

7. Magicplan

People can check it before moving into the apartment. However, it is the furniture planning that, at times, possesses a question. Magicplan uses augmented reality (AR) to create similar floor plans as of the house you selected. This augmented reality makes it possible for users to walk around the apartment. 
The floor plans created by Magicplan aren’t just basic floor plans with the dimensions of the house; this is detailed information about every inch of the house. Magicplan app also supports 3D models, virtual tours, site surveying, and cost estimator.

All of these apps are a great place in 2019 to make your moving plan a more straightforward job. Apart from these individual apps, there is a website that supports both local and international moving. The company also provides storage facilities to store extra luggage. 

The app involves everything from packing to moving, including offices, apartments, elite white glove moving. If you are planning to move around stuff internationally, also taking care of the logistics and customs with over 160 agents across the globe, this app is a good and reliable try.


All these apps and companies are a fantastic assistance in our fast-paced life to make our moving out more comfortable and sometimes fun. We hope these apps help you with your next moving. Happy moving!


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