How Technology Has Changed Our Life?

Thursday, 29 August 2019

How Technology Has Changed Our Life?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
The era when you had to look up to the sun to analyze the time of the day or had to use wood for cooking your meals is long gone. The gadgets all around you have made your life easier, efficient, and more straightforward.
How Technology Has Changed Our Life
It depends on what you like and opt for but ranging from the smartwatch you wear to the car you drive everything has changed drastically over the period. However, it also resulted in negative impacts on the planet we live in, but we have to look towards the positive which came with it and resulted in a better life.

Today, I’m going to discuss how I analyze the experience has improved and what are the must-have gadgets which I tried, and I won’t be mentioning anything like mobile phones as it’s obvious these days.

RFID Wallet

This is something you might not think of trying. However, if you are among those who experienced the theft done using the credit card. Then it’s probably because of your usual wallet in; you keep all your cards. 

The RFID wallets add an extra layer of security by blocking the RFID scanners, so your preferences and details are safe. Moreover, they are readily available and are budget-friendly as you can try one ranging between $10-$15 by Travelambo.

Sleep & Wake-Up Light

Have you ever had problems with sleeping on time due to distractions? If yes, then you should try asleep and wake-up light designed by Philips. It’s clinically proven and also enhances your waking up the experience by improving the freshness levels as mentioned by bestproducts.

Moreover, the device can simulate a natural sunset and sunrise and can be charged using a built-in USB port. Furthermore, the touch screen interface of the lamp gives it an incredible and premium feel.


Those who had issues with sleeping, as mentioned in the above section can also try using headphones or sleeping earbuds. Moreover, you can now get strap headsets with excellent audio reproduction. 

The strap is usually composed of comfortable material and goes around your head. It allows you to have a better sleeping experience along with splendid noise isolation and minimal sound leakage, so your partner is not disturbed. 

Furthermore, now you don’t have to go for in-ear or over-ear headsets, which might result in fatigue if used for extended sessions. For the best recommendations, you can visit headphonesaholic.

August Smart Lock Pro

Have you ever had trouble with keeping the keys of your apartment or home? In case your answer is yes then lemme tell you a piece of good news. You can try the smart lock option using the product designed by August. It allows you to manage your locks using the app, so you don’t have to worry about the keys or passwords anymore.  Moreover, now you can get 25% off on the deal.

Final Words

In conclusion, I’d mention that these gadgets helped me a lot in recent times and made my life a lot easier. No matter if it concerns the safety or entertainment the 360 is always on. Once you give them a try them, surely, you’ll be thanking me. Lastly, if you have any query or want to know about more gadgets, leave a comment below.


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