6 Link Building Tactics That Work in 2019

Friday, 21 June 2019

6 Link Building Tactics That Work in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
There is no denying that anyone who has a website wants to be ranked. Because the rank of your website is indicative of how Google’s algorithm reads your website in comparison to others, there is no room for error when it comes to your site design, SEO strategy, and use of links. 
Google has made it publicly known that the most critical factor when it comes to evaluating your website is the use of appropriate links. So, how does one go about building links on their website without making them appear spammy, out of place, or crawl inappropriately? This article will provide everything you need to know about building effective link tactics that work! 

Understand and Follow Google’s Link Rules

Not every link is created equal, which is why it is so essential to understand how Google evaluates links. One of the biggest no-no’s to having links on your site is the excessive amounts of reciprocal links that fail to provide any value. Such links come across as spammy and can get you penalized. 

There are many nuances to Google Link Rules, which is why it is critical to becoming aware of how your website stacks up in comparison to using white hat techniques versus black hat techniques. There are resources online that can help you identify how your website can be improved to achieve a better rank.

Guest Posting

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your website is to guest post on another site or offer a reciprocal link to another blog that is in your niche. Guest posting is favorite because it provides you with an opportunity to reach a diverse population for a modest investment of time and patience. 

So, what exactly is guest posting? Guest posting is more than just writing an article and sending it off to another website owner to post. The content must be useful, relevant, and well written or your efforts will be ineffective. One of the most important things to remember when guest posting is to avoid the overuse of keywords. 

Now that you understand why guest posting is essential, you may wonder how you can go about creating useful, relevant, and helpful content for guest posting opportunities. What do you do if writing guest posts are not your area of expertise, but you have a goal of doing whatever it takes to achieve a high Google ranking status? The creation of guest posting material is not for everyone, which is why Love To Link is a great resource. 

Fix Dead Backlinks

Building a website with helpful links is not for the faint of heart. It takes diligence, time, and attention to detail to maintain your website. One of the biggest mistakes that website owners make is that they do not go through old posts and update dead backlinks. 

Use resources such as Wikigrabber or an LJR tool to help you identify dead backlinks. Be sure to redirect the dead backlinks to another relevant page, otherwise, it will go to an error page which can deter a visitor from sticking around to view your content.

Avoid Black Hat Techniques

It can be tempting to want to use black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing or using private link networks, but doing so is considered unethical in the industry. Not to mention that by using black hat techniques, you can easily find yourself slapped with a penalty  While it takes much more effort, white hat techniques, such as creating great content is the best way to get ahead.

Be Open to Learning from Others

One of the best ways to have success in your SEO strategy is to have an open mind, build relationships, and learn from others. The SEO industry is collaborative, and many want to help one another succeed. It is in your best interest to be cordial, professional, and build relationships with your online peers to create an excellent online reputation. Doing so will help you earn backlinks without having to ask for them.  

Make Use of Link Building Tools

There is no better way to create links than to do it! However, before you set off to create links that will help your website rank, it is essential to conduct a link audit. Link audits became imperative when Google Penguin updates were rolled out. A link audit will provide you with helpful information as to which links to keep and which to discard right away. 

The reason that this is a critical tactic to your success is that Google Penguin is constantly checking links on websites in real time. Avoid being penalized and use link building tools to help you rid your site of wrong links today!


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