BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 Review: True Wireless Earbuds With Pros & Cons

Friday, 14 June 2019

BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 Review: True Wireless Earbuds With Pros & Cons

Posted by Madhu Gupta
The world is going wireless and with the wired earphones being prone to damage or malfunction over time, with hefty cable entanglement to live with, going wireless is the only way ahead. 

Now there are many alternatives when we need to buy wireless EarPods or even earphones, but now all of them are worth their price tags, and we need to choose carefully with the actual functionalities and ergonomics rather than just looking at the spec sheet.

We tried the Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 for a few days, with the product gaining a lot of attention since its launch and decided to give it a try. Did the excellent first impressions last, or did it fail miserably to cope up with expectations? Let's find out.

BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 Review

The unboxing experience was nothing fancy. The box we got included the EarPods, the case, some paperwork, the charging cable to charge the EarPods case, which they can charge the EarPods themselves. 

The spec-sheet, while not being over the top, has some decent inclusions for the price tag for sure. With Bluetooth 5.0 support and ergonomic design, and rated 3 hours battery life on the 50mAh battery of the EarPods and 400mAh on the charging case, there are a lot of promises being made here. 
These can be operated within 10 meters of the Bluetooth connected smart device due to the Bluetooth 5.0 support, now that's more than you can ask for. These EarPods compete with some expensive alternatives from reputed brands and although these are not the best in the market, for the right price, have better value for your hard-earned money than the superior alternatives.

#1 Look and Feel

We have to say, the EarPods we received in black color looked great out of the box and fit our ears well. The black is not much glossy, and EarPods themselves don't bulge out a lot out of the ears, making the experience very comfortable.
The charging case is also very compact, considering it has a 400mAh battery inside it; this makes these EarPods very easy to carry when you are traveling. The PC, ABS, and Leather materials used give the EarPods a premium look and feel, and again, for the price, there isn't a lot you would be left asking for. 

#2 The Performance

It took around 2-3 hours for the EarPods to fully charge and around the same time before that for the Charging case. While the EarPods lasted for a good 3 hours on the run, we did expect it to last a few more hours, but still, it is a very considerable amount of calls or music time.

The EarPods themselves sound very good. They have clear lows, respectable mids, crisp highs, and deep bass coupled with good enough noise cancellation that will provide you a great music experience. 
Being IPX6 water and sweat resistant, we were not afraid to use them in the gym, although would not recommend using them in the shower as the description page suggests you can.

The accuracy of the sound due to advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology being used here far exceeds the traditional previous generations of Bluetooth connectivity. Calls don't feel distorted; mic works just fine, and there's no noticeable lag or anything due to the inclusion of these wireless EarPods in the system. These EarPods use the frequency band of 2.4 GHz and face very less to absolutely no interference. 
Overall, for the price, we have to say we are getting the bang for the buck, and the Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 ticks more boxes than it misses.

Things We Loved About Blitzwolf BW-FYE5

1. The overall package of the charging case plus the EarPods is pretty compact. A handy feature when you consider the fact that you have to take these with on you while you travel, and a selling point for these. 
2. Lightweight and small earbuds. This makes these EarPods very comfortable for regular use, and we didn't even notice we were wearing these after the initial few hours we played with it.

3. Great connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0 support ensures connectivity with all smart devices, including Android devices, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and even laptops or other musical devices that support Bluetooth output.
4. Excellent bass and audio production. For EarPods of this small size, the sound quality you get is just excellent. We were overwhelmed by the music quality it could produce, and call experience was great too. 

5. Fit and comfort. With ear tips provided in the box itself for ears of all sizes, the comfort you are going to get when you use these EarPods is just great. Materials are ear-friendly and do not irritate over a long period of use too.

Things That can be Improved

1. Even though the 400mAh battery is quite a large capacity for the form factor of the charging case, it does not last a long journey. We would have preferred a slightly bigger case for a bigger battery.
2. 3-hour battery span on the EarPods leaves you asking for more. Yes, these are very lightweight and tiny in size, but there is no justification suitable if you need to charge the EarPods in the middle of a long drive.

3. Availability. Based on where you live and the stock available, the overall availability varies and is on the lower side. We found this product out of stock on many retailers' websites on many occasions, so it can be a pain in the butt to get hands on these otherwise great EarPods. 

Final Verdict

If you have the money to spend on these EarPods and these are available in your region, we recommend you to get this set of exceptional crafted music experience. Although the battery life on these is average, there is a lot of gain than loss, and the quality of the sound production justifies all the demerits. 

If you want to get rid of wires from your music experience or want a very compact solution for your musical background, these EarPods are definitely for you.


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