5 Best Law Firm Marketing Agencies in 2019

Sunday, 9 June 2019

5 Best Law Firm Marketing Agencies in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
General marketing doesn’t work for law firms. It requires a different tonality, approach, and strategy to reach success. By identifying the best law firm marketing agencies in 2019, you will find the best path to standing apart from your competitors

There are specific characteristics that marketing agencies highlight, allowing them to become specialists in law firms. These are essential to look at, specifically so you find an agency who can meet your goals. 

Top 5 Law Firm Marketing Agencies in 2019

You want them to focus on ways to get ahead of your competitors while attracting your target market to you. Following are specialists you want to look to for support. Finding a marketing agency guarantees better online placement and recognition from your potential customers.

#1 Local SEO Agencies for Lawyers

The “SEO Agency” is one of many known for providing extra supports to law firms. Looking for SEO agencies also means you want to find the top agency for legal aid. These agencies are usually locally based and support you to build local rankings.

Working with a local SEO agency for 2019 is vital because of the changes Google has made to the algorithms. These all impact your search engine ranking visibility and how you are seen online. Finding the top SEO agency in your location is one of the smartest approaches to getting noticed. Here’s why:

1. SEO is local. Google (as well as other search engines) is showing local results first. You want to make sure you get noticed in your locality. That means that a local SEO agency will have a stronger scope of other law firms working with you while identifying what you need to do for success.

2. Results and reviews are location based. Your law firm will not only get noticed by first search results. Review sites, such as Yelp, have also made local results go to the top of the rankings. Those who are looking online are explicitly looking for local reviews and using this to make decisions. 

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3. Specific Content Practices. If you have a blog, then any SEO agency will be able to identify what to write for better results. Content practices for both internal and external links with an SEO agency make the difference in the results as well as remaining ahead of competitors. 

#2 Elite Legal Marketing

This marketing agency specializes in law firms and claims to be the best in the nation. They highlight features in top magazines across the nation and are strategy based. This means that your legal practice will have an analysis finalized before working with the agency with expected results that are law specifically for marketing results.

The advantage (and disadvantage) of this company is based on the non-compete approach they use. They guarantee that they don’t take more than one client in any given locality. If you are the only one using the service, then it becomes an advantage based on their strategic approach. If not, then you will need to find a similar marketing agency that can assist with marketing your law firm.

The legal practices of this company include website design, SEO, PPC, and digital PR. The combination of these four marketing strategies is known as the most effective for legal agencies and support the practices of those looking at building their online reputation.

#3 Soul Pepper Legal Marketing

Similar to Elite Legal Marketing, this agency has established its practice with features in significant magazines while building, bragging rights with some of the largest law firms in the country. The company boasts of helping lawyers get leads and conversions based on the marketing they offer. 

Like the other marketing firms, the specialization is in local SEO, PPC, and website design for lawyers. They also offer a step beyond with content as well as email that many other agencies don’t provide. They are interested in conversion tactics and strategies, allowing legal firms to go to a higher level of marketing. 

While there are several benefits to this company, the exclusivity to a specific region is non-existent. It’s essential to make sure there isn’t a conflict of interest and to understand the types of results you may get from this legal marketing firm. By identifying your goals first while making sure they can reach these without conflicts, you will reach your marketing goals. 

#4 One 400

If you want a different approach to online marketing, then this may be an agency to consider. Instead of the reliable SEO and content focus of many other agencies listed, One 400 highlights the ability to acquire new leads for legal firms. Their approach is to look at the legal industry, specifically by identifying competitors and the target market and creating strategic initiatives from this starting point. 

The expansive nature of One 400 identifies all forms of marketing. This includes SEO, PPC, emails, consulting, branding, and website optimization. They have determined the advertising and marketing that is specific to legal firms and focus solely on bringing this to the forefront of those who are in the industry. 

Like other agencies, it’s essential to make sure that One 400 doesn’t have a conflict of interest with others in your region. It’s also important to look at the strategy created and the types of results you can expect to get from this. If you want to focus your presence in one area, then this marketing agency may be one that can help you boost to the next level.

#5 Thee Digital

This specific law firm focuses on local and SEO. When ranking against the SEO Agency and other local firms, it stands out for the particular services it offers to the legal firms. Web design is also a part of Thee Digital, identifying parts of the process that are known for increasing conversion rates. 

Thee Digital’s focus on SEO helps them to stay relevant to the trends that are occurring in 2019. More importantly, it shifts the approach with your law firm to make sure you are starting to get to top results by the listings and SEO approach you use. By working with this approach, you will easily be able to change your online positioning. 

What Should Your Marketing Include?

It often seems more natural to look for a marketing agency that promises similar results to others. However, marketing is complicated and requires more to your bottom line strategy and approach. Working with an agency like GLM supports the complex process and guarantees better online placement as well as conversions. 

While other agencies promise SEO tactics, there is often more included within the legal field. When you look at strategies that focus on leads and conversions, it changes the expected outcomes from the agency you work with.

1. Online Marketing That Parallels Your Vision 

Not all legal firms are the same. Representation through local listings and SEO only begins to identify what your mission and vision is. When working with high - level strategies from marketing agencies, your approach to online marketing begins to change. Including your vision and legal approach naturally changes your niche and draws more leads to your site.

2. Positioning First

What does it mean to have a digital positioning in the Information Age? It means being in the first rank of Google. It also means using tools like PPC and social media effectively. 

Several sites are using different online tools but are still not seen. Changing your marketing strategies helps you to improve your positioning by using targeted approaches for clients. 

When you use PR, make sure it gets to the right viewers. When you work with SEO, make sure it gets ahead of competitors. And, when you begin working with social media, it’s essential that it goes to the right viewers. 

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Not only does digital positioning change how you are seen. It attracts your target market to you while working with the latest tactics to attract others to you.

3. Proper Use of SEO

SEO in 2019 is changing. Algorithms that Google uses are beginning to focus on locality first. They are also starting to look at SERPs (search engine results page) to showcase what works best. 

You may have noticed rich snippets coming into play when you look something up. These are the boxes before the organic results that highlight what people ask or answers to specific questions. You may also notice the side results with knowledge cards. 

Search engines are beginning to index in more sophisticated ways. Working with a marketing agency that understands the difference between SEO and how it is tracked online makes a difference in the results you get, especially for 2019. 

When you look at legal firms online, you will notice that search results are changing. This starts with the listings of online agencies based on locality. Users are also looking closely at listings outside of ads and PPC. 

It has been found that 49% of users will look online for a lawyer before deciding what avenue to take for their needs. It’s essential to prioritize being seen as well as user-friendly personalization to get noticed online. 

4. Optimization of Websites

A mistake that businesses often make is they don’t optimize their site. They will draw traffic to them; however, the website doesn’t convert. It doesn’t speak to those who are looking for legal aid. 

There is specific psychology that the target market of those in the legal field is looking for. If your website isn’t communicating effectively, than those who are interested in legal assistance may turn to a competitor. 

Optimization of your website is based on finding the methods that convert. This means looking at images, layout, and content on your website to identify if it is working. By laying your website out differently, your traffic turns into leads and begins to trust your services for better use.

The importance of optimization also looks at the funnel you use to convert traffic to leads and sales. You want to add in awareness to conversions. Adding in loyalty after this stage will help build more customer relationships, and a stronger, online reputation. 

5. Building Recognition

PR and other methods of content help you to stand out from the crowd. More importantly, it builds legitimacy with your legal firm. Clients are looking for someone to represent them based on their track record as well as how well known they are in a specific community. 

A marketing agency that knows how to build recognition will easily be able to assist you with the next steps to your legal firm. The recognition may come from different sources, such as PR or social media. It is also possible that SEO tactics can help you to create a stronger online presence that builds trust. 

Identifying Your Next Steps

As a legal firm, it’s essential to look at where you want to be. An online presence is essential in almost every industry. However, for those working with the law, there are specific goals that need to be identified as well. 

Look at where you want your law firm to stand in five or ten years. This includes how it will look with a digital presence. It also identifies how you will be able to build your reputation based on the positioning you build today. 

Along with the next steps for your overall presence, it’s also important to look at who you want to represent and attract to your website. By examining your target market and setting specific goals in motion based on the expertise of your law firm, it will be easier to get results.

Identifying your next steps helps you to narrow the focus you need for a marketing agency. When you understand what goals you need to meet, it is possible for an agency to work with the strategy identified. More important, they can help with tactics with SEO, social media, and PR to help build your reputation within your locality.

If you are ready to go to the next level of legal aid, then a marketing agency can help. Finding the top agencies and looking at the points which distinguish each allows you to move ahead of competitors and get results. With the right agency, you will accelerate your law firm to the next level and start to get results from your online presence.


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