6 Best Jigsaw Blades in 2019 | Reviews & Buyer's guide

Friday, 28 June 2019

6 Best Jigsaw Blades in 2019 | Reviews & Buyer's guide

Posted by Madhu Gupta
A jigsaw blade is a blade attached to a jigsaw. What makes jigsaw blades unique is their ability to cut most of the materials.

It finds many applications in performing operations on wood, plastic, fibers, Tiles, etc. Hence, we can deduce from this information that the material of such high importance is useful quite now and then. If you're wondering which jigsaw blade to buy, don't worry. Here is a list of top 6 Jigsaw blades in 2019.

Best Jigsaw Blades in 2019

A jigsaw blade depends on the type and the material with which it is made to determine its applications. Some blades are correctly used to cut some articles, and others might have a large number of requests. 

So usually there is a confusion on which blade to buy.

In this list, we present the best Jigsaw blades which fit your needs perfectly. But first, let's see what impacts does the operator of the blade have on the applications.
  • Corded Jigsaw: A corded jigsaw delivers an extreme amount of power usually strong enough to operate on any needed standard material. It generally weighs more, which in turn decrease the field work that can be done with this type of machines. These blades can be used for professional industrial work. 
  • Cordless Jigsaw: A cordless jigsaw doesn't have an external power supply such as electricity. It runs on batteries and is hence way more portable than the external source dependent ones. Now, if you want to make your work more mobile, you need to buy the best cordless Jigsaw.
Now, in this list, some blades can be fit only to a single type of jigsaws and some to both. Select your requirement carefully, also considering the machine you'll be working on.

1. Bosch T5002

This Model of Bosch is a T-shank Blade. These usually work with most of the jigsaw brands. These blades are placed In the top of the list for being the bestsellers from their release date. These blades are designed to be healthy and durable.
You can see the Bosch standards in this model at their maximum extent. This set of Bosch T5002 comes with ten different blades for a low price. These blades weigh 4 oz and are made of High-quality High Carbon Steel. These blades cost around $12 on Amazon.

Pros of Bosch T5002
  • Blades have a long lifetime.
  • Designed to be strong and cuts through most of the materials.
  • Can be used with other brands as well.
  • Increased applications and functioning due to the difference in blades.


These blades are designed to be used with both Dewalt and Bosch Jigsaws. This blade set is mostly employed in cutting plywood. However, it can also be used to work with metals. This blade set comes with 14 strong and durable blades, which makes this set flexible to use in many of the cases.
The highly durable and specific design of these blades makes cutting very fine and smooth. Fast cutting is one of the specialties of this set. This blade set weighs 8.5 ounces and is made of HCS.
The blades in this set are from 6-32 inches. 

The only drawback of buying this set is that there is not more than two sizes set to choose from in the market. As already said above, this set can only be used for Jigsaws made by the previously picked and the current pick companies.

This blade set comes at a reasonable price for its large number of applications. Customers reported that this set s excellent. This set is currently the best seller on the Amazon.

3. Bosch T30W

This set is best suitable to cut wood. The most exciting of all the features of this blade set is that these blades can be used with other corded and cordless jigsaws. The set is also incredibly cheap, which makes it likely to be used for wood cutting cases.
Price of this set, as mentioned, is very reasonable. You can get this set of 30 blades for just $35.08. If you are planning to do woodwork, these blades best satisfy your needs. These blades cut through wood faster and smoother, improving the work feel on the wood. These blades weigh around 7 ounces and are made of High Carbon Steel.

4. Hitachi 725397

If you are looking for a perfect edge to cut through the metals, this blade would be your first choice. Hitachi designed this strong enough to cut through metals especially. The best thing about this blade set is the price it is available for in the market. These blades cost around $20 on Amazon.
Customers who used this blade reported an excellent and smooth feel when cutting metals. This blade set might seem a little costly, but you can't complain when the work is so soft.

The only drawback of this blade is the limited jigsaw support of the module. You also get a warranty of five years from Hitachi on these blades which makes this set more special.

A single Hitachi 725397 weighs 0.8 ounces and is made of high-quality Carbide to improve the quality and durability of the blade.

5. Gunpla OT429

This blade set by Gunpla is specifically designed to cut through hardwood. With the innovative design by Gunpla, these blades cut through wood much faster than the other blades. These blades also cut certain metals which make this set versatile and highly functional.
Operating on any wood is this sets specialty. Even curve cutting and plunge cutting can be done with these blades although they are much more likely to be used fast cuts.

You will receive 15 blades as a part of the set. Customers reported that these blades are not as durable as advertised, which Gunpla will probably attend soon.

The only drawback of this blade set is that the teeth on the blades are reported not to be able to withstand high-speed cutting.
These blades weigh as much as the Hitachi 725397 but are made of High Carbon Steel.

6. BLACK+DECKER 75-626

These blades have many applications. The reason for this is because of its ability to work on both metals and wood. The smoothness, while cutting certain metals like Aluminum, makes this blade one of the best blades for a jigsaw.
With these blades, you can also cut nonferrous metals, which brings this set many applications. These blades are still on the list of the bestsellers in the market.

Best quality design of this blade, combined with an affordable price makes this set customer friendly. Drawbacks of this blade are listed below.
  • Not a  very fine tool to work with speed cuttings.
  • The U-shank for this blade must be installed separately
However, these drawbacks are not a big deal for the price at which these blades are available. This blade set costs around $14 and you will get 24 blades.

These blades weigh around 7 ounces and are made of High Carbon steel. This set is the only Universal blade type in the list.


Choosing a blade for the work is a delicate process where you have to consider several variables like durability, cost, versatility, etc. This above list is made as a guide to help you choose the best blade for your Jigsaw. Remember the Jigsaw you decide to work on, i.e., corded or cordless, also effects your work.


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