5 Best Browsers for Android in 2019

Saturday, 29 June 2019

5 Best Browsers for Android in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
When you're surfing the internet on your Android phone, it's straightforward to opt for your phone's default browser or Chrome or switch to a more conducive application. It can certainly be convenient, using the internet together neatly with your Google account, but there's a wealth of other Android browsers in the play store just like there are various Browsers for PC, including many that may be a better fit for you and your phone. 

Top 5 Browsers For Android

Over the years, many Android web browsers have been developed and launched, but this article shows in detail, the best five (5) web browser that is downloadable for free for the best, optimal use and performance to the user. This article shows the best browser applications suitable for your Android device.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Android, unlike Chrome download for PC, offers small devices the same multi-process architecture, GPU-accelerated rendering, and the JavaScript engine - all optimized for mobile architectures. It ensures fast graphics performance during browsing. 
When a user signs into Chrome on a device, the tabs and browsing the history of that session are not lost when he/she signs in on another device. It synchronizes the entire content on the page. This ensures that the user does not have to re-logging credentials when on another device.

Google Chrome browser for Android, like Chrome download for PC, is the most popular Android browser. Most people meet it already installed when a new Android device is purchased. It has a feature that syncs with Google Chrome on PC along with the unlimited browsing tabs, deeper integration with Android, and many other features for both normal browsing and power users. 

Google has four different browsers, which include Chrome Canary, regular Google Chrome, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Beta. Google Chrome almost always does its upgrading of features ahead of other browsers.


Another appealing and strong contender is Firefox. This Android browser not only competes with the default Chrome on every level, but it's also open source. Firefox comes with many useful features for syncing your accounts and other devices. It also comes with features like add-ons, built-in tracking protection, tabbed browsing and sharing, master password, and many others. 
Most people have relied on Firefox as their primary desktop browser, which makes a lot of sense, considering its useful functionality. With the new Firefox updates in 2018, dubbed Quantum, the browser became more stability, quickness, and came with a better-looking user interface. 

If you are searching for a reliable alternative for Google Chrome that works on multiple platforms, then this free browser will do the job.

Firefox Power is arguably a better version of the Firefox browser app at the moment. This security-focused browsing application ensures your privacy when surfing the web. 

Some of the useful features of Firefox Power include a decent ad-block to prevent hackers and web trackers, as well as a one-click history deletion. If you are one of those people who need to store your login details into various websites, then this might not be something for you. Firefox Power is also totally free with no in-app purchases.

Dolphin Browser

Another successful Android browser is the Dolphin Browser. This top Android browser has many exciting and useful features for its users. You will enjoy features that will allow you to manage all your social media accounts, make fast internet searches by voice dictation, bookmark your favorite websites, and even gestures control on the screen. 
With Dolphin Browser, users can also surf the web incognito, and use from the extensive list of add-ons. It also supports ad-blocks to prevent malicious contents from damaging your files. You can customize the user interface, which is not allowed in most browsers. You can find this browser in the Google Play store and access it in multiple languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Malaysian, Dutch, and many others.


Opera is a powerful web browser designed to work with fewer resources devices. It comes with incognito mode, a night theme, a smart download feature with intelligent mobile data detection, data sync across your devices, the ability to change search engines, etc. 
Opera Touch is the lightweight version of Opera, which makes browsing incredibly fast. It is the browser that has a more responsive and quick browser on the Android mobile market. One of the numerous enticing features of Opera Touches its user flexibility. 

It allows the user to work with one hand. Its interface is straightforward to use. From the browser's main page, the user can access the search option easily and type what he/she is looking for. Opera has notably one of the simplest ways to sync sites between desktop and mobile devices via the My Flow option. 

With a tap, you can send a website to any Opera Touch browser that is connected with' My Flow' - from, mobile to mobile, mobile to desktop or desktop to mobile.

Opera has many different Android browsers, and they're all pretty good and easy to use. The first is the conventional Opera Browser. It has features of partial ad block, a dashboard where you can have news and favorites stored and video compression to reduce data usage. 

An account can be created on Opera where data can be synced between the device and a desktop version. Secondly, Opera has another feature known as Opera Mini, which is a smaller, more lightweight option. It usually comes with a Facebook notification bar, partial ad blocking, etc. The most recently launched is Opera Touch. It comes with desktop data syncing and more powerful features. 

It has excellent data saving feature, which is unique among competing browsers and supports multiple modes. The browser will crunch the web page through a server in the High Compression mode, and push a lighter version to your phone. Contrary, the Extreme Compression is too strong and might break a page. It should be used only when you're low on data, or in a location where internet connectivity is horrible.


Phoenix Browser makes use of a Web View component that is built on top of Chromium. It's a lightweight, easy to use a browser with a built-in download manager to access online videos and play them without using a third-party video player.
After the app is installed, the homepage when cluttered with news is based on the location, and most visited pages. The application suffers a bit of an issue with notification ads too. In a situation where the user gets bothered with the popped up ads, it can be managed in the settings.

Apart from the usual browsing-related features, Phoenix comes with some hacks and tricks too. Access them by clicking the Hamburger Menu, then Toolbox. Turned on the Private Space to keep the browsing history and downloaded videos in a separate database. If you enjoy watching videos offline while traveling, Phoenix browser should be on your device.


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