AssessTEAM Review: Easily Assess, Analyze & Improve Team Performance

Friday, 10 May 2019

AssessTEAM Review: Easily Assess, Analyze & Improve Team Performance

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Do you want to yield better results from your company? Only a non-serious business owner would have a negative answer to this question. However, it is a well-known fact that a lot of people want to be successful, but very few can formulate a plan to manage their work efficiently to make profits.
AssessTEAM Review
To solve the problems of such people, there is a product in the market called AssessTEAM which is a performance management software and helps the owners to track the progress of their employees to make the most out of them. 

This is also beneficial to the employees as they get valuable inputs and feedbacks regarding their job which makes them even better at work. With the usage of AssessTEAM, you can easily find the key areas of improvement and also monitor your projects in real time, which is very important to make profits.

How to Use AssessTEAM Software?

The procedure to use the AssessTEAM Software is very simple and you don't need to hire a tech expert as the developers have tried to keep the user interface very simple, yet effective. For example, The entire process of using AssessTEAM software involves only four steps. We shall discuss those steps for a clear understanding. They are:

1. Set up the Team

After you know who are the people working on a particular project, you can add them to the project evaluation system, and they will instantly get a notification via emails. Then, you can select the type of evaluation you want to use, that is top to down evaluation or a 360-degree evaluation. 

Essential details such as the Team Name, Man Hourly Rate, Evaluators, Peers, Supervisors, etc. have also to be filled so that everyone knows what to do. This also controls the role of the people and is very important in evaluation.

2. Use the Performance Indicator Library of AssessTEAM

The AssessTEAM has a collection of more than 900 Key Performance Indicator Databases and all of them are highly efficient to be used. They have been already picked up from various successful evaluation techniques used in the manufacturing industry, information technology industry, service industry, etc. 

You can easily assign multiple job profiles to a single person depending on the type of roles he is performing in the team. 

However, the performances are evaluated and sent out to the people responsible for evaluating the work so that the efficient ones can be promoted while the inefficient one may be trained.

3. Evaluate the Job Performance

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways in which the evaluation can be done using AssessTEAM software. For example, the evaluation can be triggered weekly, monthly or even quarterly depending on the needs of the e4vqauators and the duration of the project. 

The individuals, supervisors and the evaluators all can view the evaluation reports of their subordinates in a top to the bottom system. However, the AssessTEAM software also has a 360-degree approach to an evaluation where the peers, supervisors, etc. all evaluate each other. Therefore, the company has a lot of options to choose from.

4. Introduce the Employees to the Console

No evaluation would be successful if the employees are not able to view their reports. Hence, the AssessTEAM has the provision to make the evaluation reports visible to the employees at all the time. The employees can view the areas where they have excelled and also the areas where they need to work more. In this way, they can continuously track their progress day after day and year after year to become an efficient employee of the organization.

Features of AssessTEAM Software

The AssessTEAM Software is a professional software which comes with a large number of features embedded into it. Here's a glance at some of the most notable features of the AssessTEAM software:

1. Employee Evaluation

The evaluation of the employees and their performance has been made entirely hassle-free by the introduction of custom processes. The processes can be generated at will if the predefined ones do not fit in properly. 
 Employee Evaluation
Also, all the data is available along with the trends and this helps in managing the input to the employees based in which the performances of the employees can be checked.

2. Employee Engagement

The AssessTEAM software takes care that the employees of your organization are not at all segregated from the system and hence they are continuously allowed to interact and engage with the system. 
Employee Engagement
The expectations are well communicated to the employees and the managers have the full access to the team performances both result wise and profit-wise. The key details of this feature are:
  • Effective Communication
  • Measurable Goals
  • Automation

3. Project Profitability Analysis

The profitability analysis of the projects can be done very quickly with the help of the reports provided by AssessTEAM from the dashboard. The reports can easily help the organization to identify the most and the least profitable projects and also to figure out the counters to the decrease in profits. 
Project Profitability Analysis
Since a vast database is made available, employers can easily pick the employees who can give them advantages. The key details of this feature are:
  • Identifying the employees to be trained
  • Real-time analysis of profitability
  • The sources generating profits

4. Timesheet Management System

The AssessTEAM has used a cloud-based timesheet app which receives and transmits the data on usage of time real quick to the managers. The posts about the details of the time utilisation of the employees are easily tracked which makes it easy to make the time cautiously, especially in the time of contingencies. 
Timesheet Manegement System
The mobile apps are also available both for Android and iPhone which reduce the response time to a fraction of second. Also, the employees can track their progress via these apps.

Pricing of AssessTEAM

There are three types of the pricing available for the users of this software. These are:
  • Basic: - This involves the basic features of the software and can be purchased for Rs. 25 per month per person. This's the best option to choose if your organization needs a lot of competency-based evaluations. 
  • Premium: - This plan covers all the features of the basic plan along with the Timesheet Management Feature and the Project Performance evaluation techniques. This can be purchased for Rs. 45 per month per person. 
  • Enterprise: - This is the best plan for the users and contains everything covered in the basic and premium plans along with project investment analysis and reports. This can be purchased for Rs. 90 per month per person and is highly recommended for productivity analysis.


This was a total review of the AssessTEAM product which aims to solve the assessment, analysis and improvement at the team coordination and project efficiency in an organization. This is a must use tool for an organization if they have competency and productivity issues.


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