5 Steps to Learning Website Design Online

Monday, 4 March 2019

5 Steps to Learning Website Design Online

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Becoming a designer requires passion, dedication and committed effort. Web design is an invaluable skill that can significantly enhance your resume and open up more doors on your career path. There are so many academic institutions that you can join and learn on a part-time basis, but that will require you to free up some time out of your busy schedule to attend these classes. 
Steps to Learning Website Design Online
However, this should not worry you if you are limited on time as you can learn your way through online via sites such as Loud Programmer. Here are the steps you need to take to learn web design online.

1. Check Out YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is perhaps the best place to start learning most things online. There are so many tutorials about almost everything you can think of in the world. Most people, when they want to learn about how to do things at home result in checking out for tutorials before seeking any professional help. In YouTube, you will find basic classes that you can begin with as you get to learn more. These tutorials are always broken down into simple steps that you simply learn by watching. You can even subscribe to a few channels that keep updating their content to gain even more.

2. Download Web Design Books

There is an unlimited number of books about a lot of stuff online. There are some that will require you to pay to access their content, but there are a lot more that are free of charge. Coupled with these books are numerous articles and journals that are freely available. The internet is some university of sorts with all kind of knowledge. Get these books and create a study plan to learn from the basics.

3. Find a Mentor

There is probably one or two of your friends or workmates or family member who is into web design. You need to identify one that you can connect with and whom you admire their work as a web designer. If you connect with one, you can have them guide you as learn the ropes of web design. They will be giving you tips and checking on your progress as you continue learning online.

4. Check Out for Online Classes

There are institutions as well as individuals who offer online classes. Such classes are way much better in terms of flexibility as well as the cost since you are not required to be in class at a specific time. You also get to pay way much less and get just as quality information as you would in a class if not more. You can also hire an individual to teach you online and benefit from their focused attention.

5. Start Designing a Website

Learning while doing is the best and most effective way of teaching yourself anything. Once you get to know the basics, get on to designing a basic website as you progress through your tutorials. You will find that you will get to understand most of the stuff better than if you were just to read and do exams.


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