Is Device ID the Holy Grail for Cannabis Marketing?

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Is Device ID the Holy Grail for Cannabis Marketing?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Cannabis, as a business is growing at an exponential rate. In fact, weed stocks were among the best performers in 2018.  However, this growth has also brought lots of competition in the weed market, and players need to get creative in marketing their products. One of the most innovative marketing techniques that are gaining prominence is Device ID (DID).
Device ID Holy Grail for Cannabis Marketing
A device ID is a form of marketing that targets internet users on the basis of their geography. This technology works by matching a device to its location, making it more efficient than cookie-based marketing. So, is device ID the holy grail of Cannabis marketing? Well, based on the advantages that it confers to cannabis marketers, it can be termed as the Holy Grail for cannabis marketing.  Here are a few reasons why it could be the Holy Grail.

1. It allows for better customer targeting

Traditional marketing that relies on cookies only gives you information about a specific niche. Device ID takes it a step further by allowing you to get the geographic information of your target market. With Device ID targeting, you have a much better understanding of the habits of your target market. You can even tell the exact time when they usually buy cannabis products. 

This means that with the Device ID, it is possible to tailor a cannabis advert that triggers a customer’s urge to buy cannabis or cannabis-related products at the right time, hence increasing your chances of getting new buyers. If this doesn’t make it the holy grail of cannabis marketing, then what is?

2. It is better suited for the smartphone market than cookies

Cookies were designed for desktops, and don’t do so well in the mobile market. The policies of smartphone companies further hinder the efficiency of cookies in the mobile market. For instance, Apple implements 3rd party advert blocking.  This policy makes it almost impossible for advertisers to collect and make use of consumer data for marketing. Device ID does not have such restrictions.

Through Device ID, an advertiser can access app-data as well as the location of the device. This makes it possible to look into the customer’s behavior and target them with advertisements that can trigger them to purchase your weed products. That’s powerful and makes it worthy of being called the holy grail of cannabis marketing.

3. It complements off-line marketing

The fact that device ID allows you to access the location of your potential clients can enable you to craft a better off-line advertising strategy. That’s because, if you have a good understanding of where your clients are located, it is easier to come up with a strategy that targets them better. 

For instance, if device ID shows you that there are lots of cannabis users in a certain location, you can open a cannabis dispensary there, and increase your in-store adverts at the time when they are likely to be most responsive and make a purchase. You can offer discounts at the times when clients are most likely to buy, and that’s powerful.


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