3 Things You Should Know About Using Dreamhost

Friday, 22 February 2019

3 Things You Should Know About Using Dreamhost

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Whether it’s the first time that you are seeking website hosting, or you have experience with hosting, Dreamhost should appear on your list. 
Things You Should Know About Dreamhost
Dreamhost has been on the market since 1996 and provides hosting services to millions of websites every day. In choosing a hosting company, you will have to do thorough research to get a glimpse of what the company in question has to offer. 

Here's a Quick List of Things

We sum up everything you should know about Dreamhost in 3 points.

Hosting plans and pricing

Affordability is a vital consideration in selecting web hosting. According to the host institute review, the budget factor will guide the choice of a firm or plans within a given program. Your budget should be flexible enough to accommodate your hosting needs. You have several options with Dreamhost. You can opt for shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress managed hosting or VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting can charge up to $169/month. 

I appreciate this is more than what other hosting companies charge. However, it would be best if you questioned the quality of services. Are you getting value for your money? With the 40% discount, it becomes affordable to use Dreamhost hosting without straining. You can perform all your hosting needs after doing a subscription either bi-annually or annually. Further, pillspower & strength-legs can also help you out.

You get unlimited websites, bandwidth and disk space with Dreamhost shared hosting. I think in the long run it is a cheaper option. It is suitable for both starters and established website since it can well accommodate web traffic. It is possible to scale up your online activity without extra charges. Additionally, there is a 97-day money back guarantee when you use Dreamhost.

Hosting features                                              

Critical hosting features that will guide a decision to choose Dreamhost include uptime, customer support, and performance. It is claimed that it will give a 100% uptime, whether this is true or not, there is a backing. Dreamhost provides a refund for any downtime experienced. This is a sure guarantee of quality. Dreamhost user SSDs to enhance the website navigation speed and you will experience supersonic speeds in your web activities. Also, the user experience is fantastic with the quick server response.

Customer service is at the core priorities of Dreamhost; this is the idea of a good hosting company. Dreamhost offers round the clock customer support via calls, emails, and live-chats. Considering performance, you can bank on Dreamhost to deliver to expectations. It is a reliable web host that has been in the market for decades with over 400,000 active users. You can only retain such numbers with good performance levels. Dreamhost is fully featured, and you can explore further details at the hosting institute.

Beyond web hosting

Dreamhost recognizes that your website requires more than mere hosting services. As such, they offer other auxiliary services that will ensure security and seamless operation of your site. Users of Dreamhost will get SSL and privacy guarantee at no extra cost. One stunning service that differentiates Dreamhost from the pack is the DreamObjects. Cloud storage comes in handy for many websites, and Dreamhost just provides that. This allows you to safely backup your files. A 30-day free trial is available.


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