Focused Collection Review: Outstanding Collection of Photos, Illustrations

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Focused Collection Review: Outstanding Collection of Photos, Illustrations

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Are you seeking out ways to earn extra income with your photography? If yes, then you've landed up at the right place to turn your creativity into a reward! 

Well, one of the privileges of uploading your photos on a stock photography site(like Focused Collection) is that your creativity and skill will be recognized along with extra cash. 

However, this won't get you rich any sooner but it could be a very productive way to kill time when you're free! 

What Exactly is Focused Collection?

Focused Collection is considered by many photographers to be one of the top-notch stock photography sites that offer free registration and commission rates above the average. You don't have to pay to join and there's no limit on the number of images that can be uploaded. 

This is the right place for all those passionate photographers out there who have excellent photography skill and understand what quality counts while submitting pictures. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Focused right away!

All you need to do is set up an account and upload your sample work. You'll be further contacted only if the concerned person likes your samples and it will be made available on the Focused Collection website. You get a commission for your photos as per the quality and it will be a fair deal! 

This is undoubtedly the best site if you're a professional photographer and a desire to contribute a lot of stock images. Depending on the popularity of your pictures too, you get a high rated commission. 

The best part about Focused Collection is that they don't force you to give exclusive right on the pictures that you've uploaded. You can upload it in as many numbers of sites as you wish. 

This is a pro tip to all the photographers who wish to get more downloads on Focused Collection:

Try uploading photos that are going to interest the graphic designers and marketing agencies. You have high chances of getting success! 

To understand them more, let's list out some of the striking features of Focused collection: 

1. Easy to set up an account

To start contributing to the Focused collection, you need to sign up for a free account. All you need to do is enter your personal details like email Address, password, etc and you're good to go! Once you register, you can upload unlimited photos of excellent quality immediately. 

You don't have to pay to set up an account, unlike other websites which ask you to pay for it. This highly proves the legitimacy of the site and provides an excellent platform for photographers to showcase their talent.

2. Generous With Their Commissions

The focused collection is highly generous when it comes to commissions. Photographers get to keep at least 60% of the commission on any of their images that are sold. That's quite a lot for any beginners who are trying to earn extra income! 

The commission structure varies depending on the popularity of your pictures. You start out at 25-30% and you can get up to 60% depending on how actively you upload images and get approval for the same. It will unquestionably be a fair deal and will, therefore, encourage you to work harder. 

3. No Limit on The Number of Pictures

The focused collection does not have a limit on the number of pictures that can be uploaded. Different style of photography is accepted and any number of images can be uploaded, provided, it has the best quality. 
Although the commission does not depend on the number of pictures you upload, the popularity based commission is guaranteed. 

4. Originality is Confirmed

Only contents that are excellent and original is picked. Duplication of work is strictly forbidden in the focussed collection. Uploading someone else's work is not appreciated and will not be accepted by focused collection. 

5. Well-Customized Product 

You don't have to sit for hours and hours together to select perfect pictures for your blog or Graphics design. The focused collection does this job for you. They assist you in looking out for personalized pictures suitable for your content and also show you various illustrations for the same. Therefore, you save a lot of time.

6. Always Available For Use

Do not waste your skill when you have Focused collection with you! Bring out the photographer within you and click great quality pictures anywhere anytime. Upload it on Focused collection and get paid! 

It's effortless to use. , click high-quality pictures and upload it. Make sure your photos are great and meet the requirements of graphic designers and other marketing agencies.

Final Verdict

On the whole, Focused Collection is something you should recommend to all your photographer friends who are skilled and willing to upload their work on a frequent basis. Keep yourself active so that viewers can have a close insight into your work and therefore get many downloads. This is something you can think of doing in your leisure time. Happy clicking!!


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