How to Upgrade Your Blog as Your Readership Grows

Thursday, 20 December 2018

How to Upgrade Your Blog as Your Readership Grows

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Blogs are used for a variety of reasons. Whether you are creating a blog for your company, or you want a space to write down some of your exciting life stories and experiences; your blog could always be improved. 
Upgrade Blog as Your Readership Grows
Since we are not all web design experts, there are professionals that you can hire to improve your blog. For example, Rouge Media will go through your blog and decide what changes are needed and will even fix the things that are causing your site not to perform as it should.

Here are some other ways to upgrade your blog as your readership grows!

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

While the saying is cheesy, the meaning is correct. In 2018, more than ever, it is essential to not overload your reader with paragraphs on top of items; this can put off readers.

The pictures should go along with what you are writing about, whether that is about your air conditioning business or your trip to Costa Rica, and they should be included to break up some of the heftier paragraphs. 

Use Social Media as a Guide

If you are also on social media, take Twitter as an example, and your tweet about a particular issue is getting a lot of attention, it might be a good idea as a blog post. Luckily, on social media, there is always a way to see how many people reacted to your post (likes, shares, retweets, etc.)

Also, if you get a question from a reader on social media, and the answer might be too long for just a reply, it may be a great subject to write about in a blog post.

Not only will this answer the question for others who may be wondering the same thing, but it will also make the readers think that you are listening to their comments and questions and they will be more likely to keep reading your blog.


A significant factor of your readership is how likely people are to read on after reading the headline of your post. The 68 characters of your headline could be the difference between your post being learned or ignored. 

It is essential to keep your reader wanting more, but you cannot be too vague in your headline. Tell them exactly what they will gain from reading the article and do not leave them guessing if it is worth the read. 

Hire a Professional for Web Design

If you are struggling with creating an easy to use and creative design for your webpage, it might be a good idea to enlist someone who does this for a living. 

Countless sites offer web design help, but it is essential to find one that you trust. Put just, if the website that they are advertising their services in looks basic, it is not likely that they will be able to bring your blog where you want it to be. 

Once you choose your web-designer, make sure that there is open communication between the two of you. Tell them exactly what you are looking for, but make sure that you are also listening to their professional opinion about how to boost your blog. 


If you want to show up in all of the searches that your potential readers are making, you have to become a master of keywords. 

Focus on what your readers might be typing into their search engines to find websites like yours. Don’t be afraid to do a couple of searches yourself to see what words are most likely to bring your blog post up on the list of links. 

Bottom Line

Even as your readership grows, there can always be more than you can do to develop your blog to get your readership even higher. By following these steps and continuing to write content and produce media that readers love, you can make your blog more successful!


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