Filmora Meme Generator Review: Free & Fast Online Meme Maker

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Filmora Meme Generator Review: Free & Fast Online Meme Maker

Posted by Rahul Gupta
This one’s for all our fellow Meme Lords and Ladies, Kings and Queens and whatever the hell you want to title yourself. If you find yourself surrounded by memes, regardless of the time of day or where you are. Then this is the review for you.

From Instagram to WhatsApp and now even almost every other Reddit thread, memes are the “talk of the town” so to speak. And it has been this way for a while now.

The Harambe’s have come and gone, and so have the SpongeBob memes, but the things that remain are the hype they brought along with them. The trends they set.

Filmora Meme Generator
It’s something the youth relate to. And from a business standpoint, it’s absolute gold mine. Give the youth something they like and you guarantee yourself a vast demographic that will at least be willing to check out whatever you’re selling. Buying into it is another story.

Now that we’ve established that memes are essential regardless of who you are and what you do, let’s get cracking on with today’s review, which if you haven’t guessed it already is an online Meme maker.

Filmora Meme Generator

Meme making is an art best left for the pros to handle. But with the help of this online Filmora meme generator, you too can make memes without batting an eyelid. You can be the creator of the next distracted boyfriend meme and gather all the fame in the world or perhaps run the most legendary ad campaign ever seen for your business and all this for free. 

Free, yes. No registrations, no pesky watermarks, just pure and straightforward meme making. You don’t even have to register or become a “premium user” to access all the tools available, you’re given access to everything, right from the get-go. Seems too good to be true right?

You can literally walk in with a funny video/image/gif and turn into an overnight internet sensation.

Features of Filmora Meme Maker

Upload in popular format

Whether it be a png, a jpg, an mp4 or a plain and simple gif file, you have complete freedom over the choice of format of your file. Videos, Images and gifs (which technically come under video files, but we aren’t ones to say) are all acceptable and allowed. Just drag and drop the file onto the website and you’re ready to start memeing.
Upload Meme

Text. Anyway, you want it, anywhere you want it.

Inside the frame, outside the frame, over the frame, under the frame. Heck, make the text the whole goddamn frame. Just cause you can. After placing the text, however, you can edit the placed text in whichever way shape or form possible.
Edit Meme
Edit the font, the color, the size and the position without any boundaries. Literally. The sky is the limit.

Export to Any Suitable Format

Just like importing, exporting is just as effortless, regardless of the format. You can easily export the Meme Masterpiece you created in whichever format possible. PNG, JPG, GIF and MP4 are the formats supported and you can choose to export your files in any of these popular formats. 
Export Meme

The Verdict

As said earlier, memes are the hottest marketing platform available these days. At least the way we see it. Not only that, they are also a great way to laugh and make others do the same, all through the simple act of sharing them. 

With the use of this free to use and abuse meme generator go ahead and let your creative juices flow and create the dankest memes ever seen. You can of course, as we spoke about earlier use these memes you build to the benefit of your business with a successful social media campaign. You can also win an iPhone Xs by participating in Filmora's Giveway. Go to their site and complete any of the 12 tasks before 20th November!


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