IOTransfer 3 Review: Ultimate iPhone/iPad Manager & Video Downloader

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

IOTransfer 3 Review: Ultimate iPhone/iPad Manager & Video Downloader

Posted by Madhu Gupta
IOTransfer 3 is an iPhone Transfer software and management tool which enables its users to manage and transfer data, files, and programs between an iOS device and a computer. As only the iPhone users know how problematic it is to move anything from an iPhone to any other method. But IOTransfer 3 is a software which has come for the rescue of iPhone users.

IOTransfer 3 efficiently transfers songs, videos, photos, contacts, files, eBooks and other information in a short period and that too without the use of any plugging device, but only by syncing the data between your iOS device and your computer through the Wi-Fi connection.
IOTransfer 3 Review
It has a lot of new features that are liked and appreciated by iPhone users. IOTransfer 3 can also convert videos into different file formats such as .doc, pdf or in an audio format.

Features of IOTransfer

  1. IOTransfer 3 can support anything which makes it the best software you can have. 
  2. IOTransfer shows all the details about your phone after it has been launched. So all the details and statistics of your phone can be seen on the connected PC. 
  3. IOTransfer 3 has the feature of data back up in any computer system that you choose. 
  4. It enables you to copy any file that you wish to form a local directory to your Apple device. 
  5. It is developed with more than 14 languages. 
  6. Manages Photos and Videos: The HD images and videos that you capture and create on your iPhone can be transferred and handled very efficiently using this photo management tool. Multiple files can be moved at a particular time. You can also convert heic to JPG photos that too online.
  7. Organizes Music: If you are a music lover and you have a habit of downloading a lot of songs from iTunes or Apple music app, then your music playlist can be efficiently organized and managed using IOTransfer 3. 
  8. Downloads and Converts Videos: IOTransfer 3 helps you to download videos from any platform, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other website. It can support all the first video and audio formats such as avi, mp3, mkv, wmv, aac, egg and so on. Using IOSTransfer 3, you can directly transfer your downloaded and converted file from your iPhone device to your PC. 
  9. Transfers Files using Wi-Fi- Network: IOTransfer 3 does not need a USB cable to transfer any data or programs to your PC. All can be done through a standard Wi-Fi network.


  • It can transfer all files to your PC with just one click, and so saves a lot of your time and efforts. 
  • It cleans up the junk files and data from your iPhone to free up space some storage space and to increase the efficiency of your device. 
  • It is straightforward to install IOTransfer 3, and anyone can do it without any complications. No professional technical expertise is required to run this app. 
  • It can convert videos to any format very easily and quickly. 
  • There is also a Help feature in the software which enables you to get any advice regarding how to use the software. 
  • It has a gorgeous and neatly designed user interface which is a further addition to its popularity. 
  • It can download videos from any website on your phone.


1. You won’t be able to change the theme of the app here.
2. It is only suitable and available for Windows PC users.
3. No Backup and Restore feature is available.
4. You need to pay some money to buy the pro version of this software which will enable auto updates.

IOTransfer 3 Pricing

IOTransfer 3 is a chargeable software, and you need to pay $24.99 per year to buy a single plan of this premium software. This offer is however liked by many customers who are using it on a daily basis. 

They also offer a 7-day trial version which is free to let the customers try it for free and then decide whether to buy it or not. Also, there is a 60 days refund guarantee provided on their plan if the customers are dissatisfied with it.

IOTransfer 3 Performance

IOTransfer 3 have been tried and tested by many users, and according to their experience, they have never seen any bug, lag, error or performance issue in it. It is a very reliable software and very trustworthy too. All the features available are very user-friendly, and the overall performance is efficient and effective.

Final Words

Indeed IOTransfer 3 is a fantastic utility and management software that you should have if you are a smartphone user. It will help you to manage every issue in your smartphone whether it is iPhone or Android. 

It consists of great features that are very impressive and commendable. It works perfectly fine with any device. All the features available on this software are active and can be used by you quickly. IOTransfer 3 is a great iPhone manager tool, and if you are interested in managing all the data of your smartphone, you should not think twice before installing IOTransfer 3 in your system. 

It is recommended for every user and especially the iPhone users. I am very much impressed with this software, and I hope you will also feel the same if you download it on your system. So download it and then share your experience of using IOTransfer 3.


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