5 Things You Should Know About Binance Startups

Monday, 23 July 2018

5 Things You Should Know About Binance Startups

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There have been several exchange platforms for the crypto since the boom of cryptocurrency globally. Binance is among the many platforms that allow you to trade cryptocurrency. Similar to other exchange mediums, it combines finance and digital technology. This combination ensures that you exchange different currencies while maintaining security, efficiency, and liquidity with other users in the market.
Things You Should Know About Binance Startups
Binance startups are unique from other exchange platforms because it offers additional services such as coin information website, startup incubators, and ICOs. Here are a few basic things that will help you understand Binance startups better:

1. A wide array of coins available

You might want to read full review of Binance to discover the over 225 cryptocurrencies listed for exchange. A broad range of currency to trade motivates traders to diversify their risks. You can invest in more than one currency depending on your analysis. Binance startups often update their list when there are any additions. The recent additions include $NAV, $IOTA and $TRIG. The platform guarantees traders of new additions every month in which it is exciting. Traders also get to participate in the decision of the most viable currency that should be availed in the listing.

2. Trading speed

A high trading speed allows users to maximize their profits within a short time. Binance startups handle 1,400,000 orders per second. This speed is reliable and efficient for traders. It has the fastest trading rate in the market.

3. Binance labs

Beginners in the crypto market find it challenging to understand the basics of exchange. The innovation of the Binance labs has made it easier for beginners and traders that are interested in crypto startups. They play the role of an entrepreneurial incubator that makes it easy to transition from the startup stage to other levels. They offer both financial and advisory help. This feature motivates traders to get through some of the challenges encountered.

4. Top notch customer service

Customer engagement and motivation is essential to meet the set objectives for any exchange platform. Binance startups are known for their excellent customer service. The traders' opinions are considered. A monthly contest is held to determine which preferred coin should be listed for the traders. 

The community traders are allowed to participate and vote on the best currency. Customers are also rewarded every time they use podium for exchange. There is also an excellent communication system that guarantees you constant replies to your inquiries on all social media platforms.

5. Low Fees

Compared to other exchange podiums in the crypto world, Binance startups offer a small fee structure for the traders. You are only charged one percent of the trade you conduct on the site. You also get to enjoy occasional trade discounts on the site. 

It is the ultimate trading site for a trader who is considering boosting profit margins and saving up on cost. You can invest the savings to generate more income from the site. Most users are worried about hidden costs. The site guarantees that there are no hidden charges.


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