7 Kickass Reasons To Start Your Own Blog

Monday, 23 July 2018

7 Kickass Reasons To Start Your Own Blog

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Blogging has become a common phenomenon nowadays. However, lots of questions have been raised about some of the contents that are being posted online for all and sundry to see including the underage. However, we should not deny the fact that blogs have advantages too.
Reasons to Start Your Own Blog
If you are a lover of sports, you can subscribe to blogs that address it and apart from entertainment you can also get knowledge. The only challenge is setting up your profile. Once you are done, you are good to go. Negative criticism should not deter you from starting your own blog. Even experienced services like ThesisHelpers may be puzzled at some point.

A great chance to earn money

Who does not love money? You may be stuck in a job that is boring and the pay is too little. Well, the good news is that you can be a blogger so long as you have content and excellent writing skills that can market you. For you to earn more, you ought to have lots of followers. This can only be achieved by knowing your audience and posting stuff that will leave them begging for more.

It is a CV booster

Well, you heard me right. Good curriculum vitae can be a booster. Are you aware that if you have an online blog, you will be quickly employed more than the person who doesn’t have one? This is mostly vital in marketing jobs since it shows that you can command attention and you can also use your blogging skills to sell the company. This among many other reasons should be a reason why you should not fear to create your own page.

Market yourself

A writer can tell his or her own story via a blog. Talk about your life achievements, challenges and dreams. This way, anyone who wants to give you a job, for example, such service as WritingJobz, does not have to go through the hassle of asking you to craft down a curriculum vitae. By marketing yourself, you can be opening yourself to new opportunities. Moreover, you should make sure that the information that you post is factual. Do not write false things since this may make you lose followers.

You can help people through it

Someone may be going through a tough time, or they are seeking for knowledge on a given issue. Once they go through your page especially if you write about motivational work or are enlightening people they get a solution to what is troubling them. Let us say a student is seeking for tips on how to write an essay when they go through your work they get the tips, apply them and pass. 

If you are a philanthropic person, then this is a job for you. They may even send you emails thanking you and this is where you get satisfaction knowing that you have helped someone. As a writer, you should, however, make sure that your content is true so that you do not end up misleading someone.

It improves your skills

You may be asking yourself what skills are this. Through creating your own blog, you will be writing and communicating at the same time. This enables you to improve your writing and communication skills at the same time. You will be able to pass information to people with much ease. If you want to venture into other forms of writing, you can swiftly transit since blogging will have laid a solid foundation for you. The more you write the more confident you become in your writing. Your grammar will also improve.

Make it your hobby

You don't necessarily have to do it for the sake of money. If you are a passionate writer, you can be crafting your own work when free and post it for people to see and give your opinions. Instead of engaging in destructive hobbies such as taking drugs this can be your thing. You will find yourself liking it and besides blogging can be an opportunity for you to learn.

Blogging is a socialization platform

It is not robots that read your content. Those are real people. They can be your potential employers, friends, colleagues and lovers. You may find some of them sending you texts. To create rapport, you will not snub them but instead, you will text they back.

To conclude I would advise anyone who is willing to start a blog to ensure that they post content that would add benefit to the entire society. Posting malicious content especially one that defames people can make you risk a jail term. 

Your audience will only consist of sadists and you will end up living a miserable life. Change people’s lives by empowering them with knowledge and you will never regret. The tips above should motivate you to start your own blog.


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