5 Tips for Playing Fortnite Apk on Android

Saturday, 21 July 2018

5 Tips for Playing Fortnite Apk on Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Fortnite Battle Royale, or simply known as Fortnite apk, is one of the most extensive multiplayer games of its genre, even surpassing the likes of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Rules of Survival. Although the game may seem like a usual battle royale game for beginners, it actually features a couple of exciting twists that make it more fun and exciting to play in an immersive yet straightforward way. The Fortnite Battle Royale environment has tons of weapons scattered around, the obstacles are not entirely bulletproof, and you can construct structures from the materials that you collect as you roam around the area.
Playing Fortnite Apk on Android
If you have been following the latest news about Fortnite Battle Royale, you may have heard that Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, is planning to release an Android version of the game soon. It is also expected that every round will feature cross-platform action wherein you can play against 99 other Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users.

Here are some tips that you should consider when playing Fortnite Battle Royale on Android and become a pro in no time.

Enable the Voice Chat Option

With a smaller display compared to the usual desktop and computer laptop screen sizes, communication becomes a more important factor when playing the game in party mode. You can use the voice chat by signing up for a Microsoft Account and downloading the Xbox App. Now, you can talk to your teammates and set up your plan in an organized manner.

Practice Using a New Set of Controls

Switching from a keyboard and a mouse or from a game controller, to a compact handheld device can be a bit challenging even to experienced players of Fortnite. While practicing can help a lot to improve your navigation skills, simply changing the settings of your camera can help you establish a good position and take calculated movements while in the open field. You may also take advantage of the pre-game lobby to practice moving around the area.

Adjust the HUD Accordingly

Setting up a HUD that is adjusted to your preferences is just as important as mastering the controls for the mobile version of the game. Change the positioning and the sizes of the icons as you wish and don’t forget to consider the buttons for both the combat and build modes.

Use the Sight Mode Often

Being the first to open fire is already a huge advantage while in combat against other players, but being more accurate with your headshots can help you win games. Remember to ADS in applicable situations so you can spot more enemies from afar and get easy headshots.

Take Advantage of Auto-Run

Escaping the Storm zones, being first to collect powerful weapons, and pursuing a running target are just some critical skills in Fortnite that uses your character’s ability to run fast and non-stop. To help you on this, you may simply enable the auto-run feature by double tapping the control stick on the left side. And then you can enjoy the exciting game-play of Fortnite.


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