EveryCloud Review: #1 Rated Spam Filtering Service on Spiceworks

Thursday, 19 July 2018

EveryCloud Review: #1 Rated Spam Filtering Service on Spiceworks

Posted by Rahul Gupta
What image comes to your mind, when you hear the word 'Cloud'? Okay now, don't come up with the lame reply such as, "Clouds are the one which brings us rains" or "There are no clouds in summer." Anyways, jokes apart. Nowadays, even kids know what a cloud is. 
EveryCLoud Review
This term is often related to cloud computing or instead take it as something which always has our backup ready if it is connected to our account. But, what if this term is used to secure your monitor. Let's find out with this article.

How EveryCloud was established?

The term cloud computing is not new it has been with us since 1960 when it worked on ARPANET. But, it officially came into use in 2006. After that, there is no looking back for the users the need and demand of the data kept on increasing and space to save them ran out. 

This was the time when business was simultaneously growing and it needed assistance, management, and of course security. To overcome this need Matt Baker and Graham O'Reilly started the company named "EveryCloud," this was the most significant revolution with the motto of achieving prosperous and secure technology.

What Type of Services Does it Provide?

It gives you the following services such as:
  • Email Security 
  • Marketplace 
  • Free tools

Email Security

The intruder trend is more trending than the fashion designers. There are intruders always ready to hack your account by infusing ransomware or malware attack in your system. They keep a track on your system and hack your all the important messages. 

But, this software doesn't allow them to do so, it is effortless to create an account in that by mentioning yourself as an end user or partner representing your company. 

It saves your time and hard work for example, ‘If your email is being spoofed than you have to go to the service provider's page then click the checklist->create ab new password->setting->update browser-> report scams, spam, and phishing.’ So many things to remember right! Well, it is. So, why don't we start using EveryCloud, it will do it for us.


We generally go to our service providers when we have an issue with something. This software has IT departments and IT experts all under one roof. Isn't it amazing? No need to keep an IT expert.

Free Tools

It looks at the monitoring section of your emails and websites.
How was it and will be beneficial for the users in the market?
For the new businessman, it was like having an office assistant who can do all the tasks in one go. There was a time when we use to keep the records manually without any hassle and there were so many inconveniences caused because of it. 

This trend soon came to an end when the computer arrived and was mostly used by the businessmen, the need for maintaining the data arose and there was a need of a system or software which does the work of ten human resources in less time.

It will be a new era, for the marketers who are looking to establish themselves in the market with a target of getting big. This software is enriched with the rich and secure features, the fundamental element to establish the first step in the market. 

Final Thoughts and Take Away

The frequency of spams coming to your email will immediately drop this will, in turn, lower the chances of getting hacked with the unknown source. All the emails are handled and you don’t have to do it. Starting with a new challenge is difficult but you need to spend more time in generating business. For that, you need to have EveryCloud that won’t waste your time and it will be done automatically.


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