The Impact of Technology in Our Lives

Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Impact of Technology in Our Lives

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In a world that is fast changing with every passing day, we can always look forward to the next big thing in the nearest future.  Beyond question, effects of technology in our daily lives are far reaching in many different ways. From education, medicine, research, astronomy to lifestyle and among other areas, there is always something technological or inventive about how we lead our lives in the 21st century. 
Impact of Technology
In this post, I explore the impact of technology on our lives, but first, here are a few things you need to know. 

Could we live without technology?

Imagine a world without space stations: we would still be struggling to find out what exists in the outer space.  Studying the possibility of extraterrestrial life may have only remained a mirage, and so would be taking to the skies in a Boeing Airbus. Living in such a world would be equal to spending endless nights in a dark cave. Therefore, to appreciate the impact of technology on human life is to, first of all, imagine a world without it.

You are a part of revolutionary changes

Revolutions are not always about toppling tyrannies or governments that have increasingly become unpopular.  The impact of technology on society is revolutionary.  From the Northern hemisphere to the South, and across the eastern worlds to the Atlantic, everything about life is changing. The question is; are you part of it or do you fit into the modern society from a technological standpoint?

Well, millennials are the hardest hit because their sense of technology is not only fancy but also ambitious.  They want to own the latest gadget in the Smartphone market and get their hands on Smart TV sets. But, that is not all. The impact of technological approaches to living stretches beyond owning an iPhone X or watching a movie on a curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) using Virtual Reality (VR) goggles. A closer look at the way some of these inventions keep changing our lives is arguably the best shot at understanding everything piecemeal. 

Positive Impacts of Technology include the following:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Straight out of Sci-Fi movies such as transformers, factious robotics has become a reality.  From driverless cars, flying cars, AI sound interface gadgets like Alexa by Amazon, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and humanoid humanoids like Sophia by Hanson Robotics, saying that Artificial Intelligence take-off is still at the development stage would be an understatement.

The impacts of AI on our lives are without a doubt, massive. And with Machine Learning (ML) being the mainstay of AI technology, tech-giants like Google are forecasting a foreseeable feature where machines will replace humans in performing specific tasks, if not all activities. 

Convenience in Travelling

When you talk about the effects of technology in the 21st century, transportation is worth mentioning. While there is a lot going on in this sector, especially with flying cars, high-speed trains and air travel that reduce travel time between countries and states to a few hours, underground speed tunnels and drones are set to make a huge statement in this sector. Elon Musk’s Boring Company is one of those pioneering tunnel transit systems.

While technological inventions in the entertainment industry have been applauded for capacity building, the education sector is perhaps the biggest beneficiary. From learning gadgets, the applications for learning new languages, systems that creative collaboration in the classroom, gamified learning to augmented reality (AR) superimposing Virtual Reality (VR) in training pilots, learning has never been as interactive and intuitive as it is today. Students are also able to order papers from writing services such as Eduzaurus with great ease and convenience. 

High-speed communication systems

Space stations and satellites are forms of technology whose impacts on our lives are superfluous. There has never been a better way of disseminating information fast and furious like now.  Fiber optics is magnifying the interwebs. Technically, today’s world is a global village where you can communicate with anyone in any part of the world in real-time via video Apps, webinars, and other instantaneous channels.

Effective research in medicine and clinical administration 

Cancer patients will soon experience a newfound treatment, thanks to the use of Proton Therapy that is set to bring about precision in cancer treatment.  That is not all. Medical research on vaccine prototypes, including a possibility of creating life from cell membranes, is at an advanced stage. Ostensibly, a lot has already taken place making it possible for doctors to perform complex and delicate surgeries in this age, all thanks to technology.

Convenience in learning

While technology is massively transforming lives positively, it is also worth noting that on the flipside, there are disadvantages that come with it.  From data leaks, cybercrimes pollution and health concerns due to radio activities elements, information war (terrorism) to people laziness, you will probably run out of count the negativities. 

We think that the described above examples of technological boost impact on our lives vividly demonstrates that we are no longer able to live without it. Living conditions, quality of healthcare and education, duration of human life – all this we have got due to scientific discoveries that were made within last century and earlier.


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