7 Gadgets from the Past that Changed the World

Thursday, 14 June 2018

7 Gadgets from the Past that Changed the World

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Time goes by so slowly… Well, judging from technological progress, it is not quite so. Merely, it is entirely different: less than a century ago the humanity praised inventors of the first TV set, the video camera, portable player, and the cell phone. 
Gadgets from the Past that Changed the World
These are the greatest inventions of all times, but somehow it seems that it was centuries and centuries back. We get used to them - that is how technology has changed the world. In gadget time, we became dependent on our little helpers, which simplify our regular duties to a great extent. 

List of Gadgets that Changed the World

Personal computer

In 1981, no one heard of a monster named Apple. When we talk about the first revolution in a computer world, we need to acknowledge Macintosh. It is due to the appearance of IBM system named “5150” which memory was no more than 256 Kb that we enjoy computer boom. At that time, the computer could not boast of a powerful processor: Intel 8088 could hardly impress modern users, but such PC cost 3,000 US dollars.  It was not portable with 25 pounds of weight. Pupils and businessman learned VisiCalc and DOS operating systems. In less than forty years, in gadget time, we can enjoy fully packed PCs, notebooks, and tablets - examples of gadgets increase. Their price come up to 7,000 US dollars and we cannot imagine our life without such helpers.

TV set

It was in distant 1946 that people got an opportunity to watch TV. The price for the early invention varied from 300 to 3,500 US dollars (if we convert that currency rate into today’s dollars), and such gadget was a sign of prosperity. Its weight was about 100 pounds. TV set of that period was a somewhat cumbersome box with a black-and-white screen. It was a kind of wonderment, which became more and more popular inspiring the inventors to improve it. Model T became classics post-war TV set which went into mass production. In 1954, a new RCA design blew up the world because it was already a color set that inaugurated a new era in the development of television. That was the time of Alfred Hitchcock. 

The period when TV set became the central object in every house was named golden age of television. In just sixty years, we witness a different picture: 65-inch gigantic screens have become a silent decoration for most of us do not switch them on more often than once a week. In a gadget world, they turned into “slightly unnecessary” objects.  

Desk telephone

In 1949, the world congratulated the inventor of rotary dial telephone Western Electric 500. Its design seemed ideal. In just 15 years, the vast audience was given an opportunity to get acquainted with its renewed version with buttons instead of the dial. Telephone became an obligatory object in every house. Those who followed trends with passion installed a phone in every room. In 1951, the transcontinental call took place, and one of the greatest inventions of all times opened the borders for communication between people from any corners of the world. These days, most of us do not rely on electric phones that often. Nevertheless, those who still use landlines buy models with a great variety of features (from Wi-Fi to video conferences).


The early invention which was offered on the market as the first model of a microwave was capable of heating food faster than traditional ovens appeared in 1947. Its weight was more than hundred pounds, and it was 5 feet high. In 1967, it improved and more compact version, which cost about 500 US dollars, became increasingly popular. Due to the quick pace of life, we enjoy this technology to the fullest. Modern models are not that huge, and there is some place for this appliance in every kitchen. Like the overloaded students, who look for assistance with essay writing at Writix service, women need kitchen helpers to speed up cooking.  

Cell phone

The first cell phones resembled huge bricks. Thanks to it, they were hardly mobile. The crucial moment in this story was the appearance of Motorola’s StarTac when mobile phone became a sign of status. It was in 1996. With flip form, it was rather compact and easy to use. Its major drawback was short battery life: in just 90 minutes of communication, the user had to recharge it. That’s why most people took one more battery for replacement. Long after the appearance of this model, its design inspired producers of cell phones. Its offspring, Motorola Razr, for instance, is handier in every aspect. Today, the number of people who use phone exceeds those who use a toothbrush, and we feel out of sorts every time we leave our phone behind. It’s indicative of how technology has changed the world.

Video Camera

To make a video using 35-mm format, enormously pricey film stock and bulky equipment was not available for a layman – it remained the prerogative of representatives from the film industry. For almost forty years, people admired moving pictures and treated them as a miracle. In 1932, the first 8-mm cameras were offered to the broad public. People started shooting everything. Today we can enjoy convenient compact cameras which enable high-definition video, but for most of us, it is not enough. In gadget time, manufacturers furnish our phones with multiple functions, like filming. 

Portable cassette player

The gadget named “portable cassette player” in combination with royalty-free cassette format made a revolution in how people listen to music. It was in 1979, and nobody cared about the lowered quality of the sound. What indeed impressed about this gadget was that it allowed listening to music in any place that was not possible with vinyl records. Later on, there were CD players. Now we use phones, MP3 players, and iPods to enjoy our favorite music anywhere. Most of us can hardly imagine their life without some portable player, especially those “travellers” who spend a lot of time on their way to work or educational institution and back home. Multiple examples of gadgets allow to abstract from people surrounding us. 

Whether we like it or not, technologies have changed us once and forever - we get used to the way of life that we lead. Every day the distance between us and people who greeted the greatest inventions of all times mentioned in this article is getting more significant. We can’t change that, but we can value these conveniences.


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