What to Wear to Beat the Heat?

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

What to Wear to Beat the Heat?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
So you’re in a hot country, but not quite used to the heat. Warm environments can be very enjoyable, but make sure to dress appropriately to prevent sun-stroke and maximize comfort. 
Wear to Beat the Heat
Buying summer clothes need not break the bank, especially when using discount codes. You don’t want the weather to stop you from going out, so here are some essential clothing factors which you should consider to prevent you from overheating.


The fabrics you wear are key to keeping you cool – cotton works a treat in letting air circulate, as well as in absorbing moisture. Sweat stains also tend not to appear. Linen is also superb in allowing your skin to breath, with other fabrics, such as rayon and jersey, also being good choices for dry heat. Avoid silk and polyester, which will retain body odour, keep you hotter, and make your time outdoors more uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind that lighter colors reflect heat and light, often making them a preferable option when going out during the daytime. Buying white or gray T-shirts and dresses are likely to be a good idea.

How Much You Wear

This may seem obvious, but many choose to neglect the need for less clothing in hot weather, as people often want to look stylish. Well, sweating isn’t going to help you look good. Opting for shorts, rather than trousers, and breathable shoes, or sandals, go a long way in keeping you cool. However – be sure to apply sun-cream in areas where your skin will be exposed to the Sun.

Loose Clothing

Loose clothing allows for air to flow in between your skin and your clothing, further helping you to keep cool – this will be even more helpful if you intend on moving a lot whilst outdoors, as more air will flow. Skin tight clothing prevents this from happening and can allow for sweat to build up.

Buy A Scarf/Keffiyeh

Keeping your head cool is one of the most important factors regarding your comfort. You can dip a scarf, or Arab-style keffiyeh in water, before wrapping it around your head/neck. This will help keep you cool over an extended period (until it gets dry). You can also improvise, and use a T-shirt for the same purpose.

Additional Accessories

Sunglasses are essential in protecting your eyes from UV light and glare – they’re also great for summer fashion. Make sure they’re of good quality. Brimmed hats help keep you cool as well, and keep Sun-rays off of your face.

When purchasing your summer wardrobe of clothes, be sure to consider using discount codes, which will help keep the costs down. Remember – enjoy the heat, but be sure to do it safely and comfortably. This means limiting physical activities until your body acclimatizes, as well as wearing the clothes most suitable to that environment.


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